Weirdest WWE Wrestling Attires

Weirdest WWE Wrestling Attires

What were they thinking? Apparently, not much. Wrestling has so many great stars and so many fans are drawn by the great talent and entertainment. However, some wrestling stars have weird dress sense. In fact, some of the costumes that have been worn inside the rind have been downright ridiculous and wacky. Here are some of the top 5 weird costumes to look at when you take a break from online casino gaming.

John Cena

Now, I don't really have a problem with Cena's look per se, but it's pretty bad as a wrestling gear. He's a grown man who wears Jorts and too many sweatbands. His attire makes him look like a ten-year-old. When you make fun of the "jorts" you have on, that's a problem.

Max Moon

This wrestler actually spent a whole eight months in this disgusting costume. Covered with circuitry and a pyrotechnic gun during his approach to the ring, the attire was just terrible, we must say. It was too colorful to take the character seriously. Frankly, it was a very expensive but cheap-looking attire.

The Rock

Seriously, what were the costume designers thinking? It seemed like all they did was put a piece of cloth on this man and let him go into the ring. To make everything worse, he had knee pads that were ridiculously bulky. This look marked him out in the eye of many of the WWF fans, including best USA high roller casinos fans.


We get it; he was supposed to be this almighty powerful Oz from the Emerald City. Guess it explains his all lime green tights. But, was it necessary to come to the ring in an old man rubber mask too? We really think that this is one of those ugliest wrestling attires to have ever been made. Whoever made this outfit deserved to be fired!