What are the Signs of Cockroach Infestation in a Restaurant?

What are the Signs of Cockroach Infestation in a Restaurant?

Cockroaches are a real headache for many industries. They are not only irritating but also carry germs, diseases, and health hazards to every business they infest in. However, none is more affected than the restaurant sector. Hotels have a plentiful supply of food, water, and shelter - a favourable environment for cockroaches to breed and multiply.

While several cockroaches can be dealt with, owners need to stay proactive and deal with these critters in a timely manner before it becomes an infestation. For that, you can research some of the best cockroach control Canberra companies.

However, before that, go through this guide to gather rudimentary information about cockroach infestation.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation Food Handlers Need to Know

Knowing how to detect roach infestation early is essential, especially in the food industry. Failing to realise the threat of cockroaches can be a costly mistake and even put you out of business.

Here are some of the indicators that suggest an active cockroach infestation on your property:

Living or Dead Cockroaches

You will encounter living or dead cockroaches if your restaurant goes through an infestation. Appliances, drains, and food storage areas are the most common places for roaches to hide. Go through these areas to detect the chances of infestation.

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests and will come out when there is little to no movement in the kitchen. If you come across roaches roaming free during the day, it is time for you to call cockroach control in Canberra for your restaurant business.

Cockroach Droppings

Cockroach droppings in any amount are one of the most evident evidence of a roach infestation. Restaurant owners, chefs, and cleaning staff need to know about identifying cockroach feces as it will help you detect an infestation.

Cockroach Egg Casings

Like other insects, cockroaches too develop in egg casings known as ootheca. Each ootheca can hold up to 20 eggs for most cockroach spices, while German cockroach ootheca can hold up to 50. If you find intact eggs or broken casings, it surely means that a cockroach infestation is fostering at your property.

Cockroach Odor

When a large number of cockroaches are in the same place, you can smell a distinct odour. It is somewhat of a musky or oily smell that these pests will give off. This is one of the most effective ways to detect and identify a cockroach infestation and assist in cockroach elimination.

Why is Your Restaurant Suffering from Cockroach Infestation?

While searching for pest control near me, you will wonder; why your restaurant is suffering from this infestation. Well, here are some of the issues that may have played a role in a cockroach infestation:

* When food items are not correctly stored in sealed containers or bug-proof areas, it can lead to a roach infestation.
* When food waste is left out and not disposed of, it can attract cockroaches to your restaurant.
* Dishes and surfaces that are not properly and regularly cleaned are favourite spots of cockroaches. So, never leave dirty dishes.
* When spills, accidents, and common areas are not cleaned often, it builds up gunk and invites roaches to party in your kitchen.
* Lack of reporting of cockroach sightings is one of the reasons why cockroaches breed and spread in your restaurant.

How You Can Control Cockroaches in a food establishment?

If you don’t emphasise cleanliness, you will have to call cockroach experts and also need to book an effective rodent control in Adelaide. These steps will help you prevent these archenemies from entering your restaurants:

Block entry points

* Seal holes in walls and keep doors closed as often as possible to stop roaches from invading the restaurants.
* Ensure that your employees are inspecting every food shipment for any sign of insects before leaving the shipment inside.

Eliminate sources of food, water, and shelter

* Store food away from walls and at least six inches off the floor to prevent cockroaches from reaching and crawling to the food.
* Similarly, keep or seal the equipment at least six inches above the floor
* Establish and maintain cleaning standards. Keep your dumpsters clean by disposing of trash every day when not in use.
* Do not leave boxes on the floor. Unpack them and throw them in the dumpster. German roaches lay eggs in containers, and these attended boxes will be ideal for cockroaches to wander around the kitchen and lay additional eggs to hatch and infest the kitchen.

Final Words

When searching for pest control near me, ensure that you take enough preventive measures to delay the infestation as much as possible before professional cockroach and rodent control Adelaide companies can take over and eliminate them from your restaurants.