Where Can I See Crypto Prices?

How to Exchange Crypto Using a Converter?

The market of digital assets is expanding, greeting more and more new projects with different purposes and offering their coins and tokens. The main feature of this market is instability and volatility, which differentiates crypto from traditional finances at the core. Crypto is not under governmental control, banks or state decisions do not provide their supply. It is the reason why the cryptocurrency market is so unstable - crypto prices change every day and even every minute.
On the one hand, such volatility is dangerous (to some extent), but on the other hand, it is pretty profitable. With the right approach to trident crypto, you have all the changes to make a living for yourself and your children. How to do that? Here are the main components of successful trading:
" Investigate the market trends and learn to predict the next movement.

" Study internal and external factors that imply the crypto market.

" Use quality tools.

" Do not invest your last money.

" Pick a strategy, and don't cheat it.

" Keep your head cool, don't be guided by emotions.

Successful trading is experience intertwined with knowledge. And crypto prices are the first aspect to investigate and analyze. Where to see relevant crypto rates? You may check out crypto resources such as Coinmarketcap, where you will find up-to-date prices and charts, or, if you want to trade, use the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency calculator.

How to Exchange Crypto Using a Converter?

Every large crypto trading platform has a cryptocurrency calculator. We offer to use the WhiteBIT platform, for it has a convenient interface and provides a high level of user protection. To convert crypto, follow the steps:

" Find the calculator on the cryptocurrency exchange.

" Select the currency you have (crypto or fiat) and the coins you want to get.

" Enter the amount of funds you want to give.

" You will see the bomber of coins you may afford for your sum. The current cryptocurrency rate will be shown below.

" If the price suits you, pay the fee (0,10%) and click "Exchange".

The conversion takes a couple of minutes. To practice working with a cryptocurrency calculator, use the WhiteBIT demo account.