Where to visit the best casinos in Europe

Where to visit the best casinos in Europe

Thanks to the dazzling lights and the popularity of Las Vegas in America, the world has begun tofall in love with the casino empire that is being built up around the world. If you’re travelling from Australia to Europe, and you want to hit some of the classic casino destinations during your trip,then we can help. We’ve put together a quick list of where you can go to visit some of the best casinos in Europe. If you are travelling to Europe, and you’re not an EU citizen who would fill out an EHIC renewal form, make sure to carry your Australian passport with you so you can take advantage of reduced cost healthcare if you were to need it on your travels under the reciprocal health care agreements.


If you’re heading to London and looking for a fun night out away from the bars in Shore ditch and other popular nightlife areas, then you may want to consider heading to one of the many casinos in London. Aspers casino in Stratford has been dubbed as one of the best casinos to visit in the capital, and it is certainly not one that should be missed. With London’s biggest poker room residing here, along with some extensive gaming and slot options to consider, you can be certainthat there will be plenty of exciting things to do in this casino.


If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, and Monaco is on the cards for your European trip, then Monte Carlo Casino could be a great option for you. This gambling and entertainment complex not only offers some exciting gaming options, the architecture, history and culture of the casino is all something that you won’t want to miss out on. Located in the main part of Monaco, Monte Carlo Casino is not one that should be missed, and if you’re heading outthere for the Grand Prix, the casino is a great way to end your night.


With the Portuguese once owning the current largest gambling destination in the world, Macau in China, it’s no surprise that you will find plenty of casinos in the Algarve and other areas of the popular holiday destination. If you’re travelling to Portugal there are a few different options thaty ou can consider that you are certain to enjoy when you’re there. Hotel Algarve Casino is possibly the largest casino created mainly for tourists’ attention and is located just a 13-minute walk from the Fort of Santa Catarina, across from Praia da Rocha beach. However, if you’re looking for a casino with a bit more history behind it, then head to Casino Estoril – considered to be the largest casino in Europe. Once supposedly used as a meeting point for spies in World War II, this exciting casino offers two floors of games, tables and restaurants. If you’re travelling to Lisbon in search for an exciting casino, then you should definitely consider heading to Casino Estoril.