Which "Book of Ra" alternative comes closest to the original?

Which "Book of Ra" alternative comes closest to the original?

There are many alternatives to the legendary "Book of Ra" slot game. Which alternative is worthwhile for players all over the world?


Book of Ra - what makes the original?

ook of the Sphinx, Book of Dead, and a multitude of other slot games have emerged as popular alternatives to the iconic version. Explore these intriguing tales and their modern interpretations in a variety of new slot games with Richard casino bonus codes.

In the world of casino slots, "Book of Ra" has stood as a legendary icon for years. However, due to regional restrictions, not everyone has access to this classic. Luckily, there are several alternatives that capture the essence of the original. Let's explore these options and find the one that suits players worldwide.

Structure of "Book of Ra"

"Book of Ra" features five reels and three rows, with up to ten paylines. Players have the flexibility to choose between one and ten paylines, and for basic symbols, you need at least three identical symbols on a payline to win. Special symbols like the scarab, sphinx, and explorer offer more substantial payouts. The real excitement comes with the book symbol, which acts as both a scatter and a trigger for ten free spins, each with a unique bonus feature.


Alternatives to "Book of Ra"

1. Book of the Sphinx (Spielo G2): Staying true to the Egyptian theme, this slot offers three reels and ten paylines. Special symbols include a golden cobra and an ankh. Landing the sarcophagus symbol can result in a win of up to 2500 times your stake. Free spins are more abundant here, with five scatter symbols granting 30 free spins.

2. Book of Moorhuhn: With nostalgia for the 90s, this slot features five paylines and a different risk feature. Three books trigger ten free spins, and symbols follow a grouse theme.

3. Eye of Horus (RT Gaming): Focusing on the sky god Horus, this slot offers five reels and up to ten paylines. It features twelve free spins with three scatter symbols, and additional free spins are awarded if a WILD symbol appears during the free spins.

4. Book of Dead (Play'n GO): Perhaps the closest to the original, "Book of Dead" allows players to choose between one and ten paylines. It features the same basic symbols and offers ten free spins triggered by three scatter symbols. Winning combinations with basic symbols require at least three symbols scattered on the reels, while special symbols require only two.


While "Book of Dead" comes closest to the original "Book of Ra," the other slot games offer their own unique advantages. "Book of Moorhuhn" appeals to nostalgia, "Book of the Sphinx" provides an abundance of free spins, and "Eye of Horus" offers exciting free spin mechanics. Ultimately, variety is the spice of life in the world of slot gaming, and each of these alternatives brings its own flavor to the table. So, explore and enjoy the diverse world of slot games inspired by the iconic "Book of Ra."