Why does the media business breed jealousy? by Greg Tingle

Why does the media business breed jealousy? by Greg Tingle:
2nd August 2003

*This article was written after the latest round of jealously directed towards myself, after considerable media exposure on Danny
Schechter's Media Channel.org

That is indeed the question many of us in the media business may ponder from time to time.

It seems, jealously of others successes seem to go hand in hand in the media? Ego's are abound.

What do I know about this you ask?

Unfortunately, there are many instances in my very career when this occurred.

It first happened in my career, when I achieved a front-page news story on a community group, and other community groups "jumped up and down" (because the story was not about them, even though they were acknowledged in the article). The next notable occasion was when a TAFE teacher was not satisfied that I was mentioned in the media section of "The Australian" for being controversial, when quoted, in a public discussion broadcast on national radio. Periodically I get uncomplimentary remarks about my website, saying "this and that", "the colours are wrong", "you shouldn't promote such and such, and the list goes on. Then you get the good old fashioned, "how much money do you make"? (Well, it's none of your god-dammed business to all the people who want to know).

Jealousy once again raised its ugly head today.

The world renowned media critic, Danny Schechter, "The Media Dissector" was the most recent interviewee on Media Man Australia, joining an impressive list of past interviewee's like Derryn Hinch, Phillip Adams, Max Markson, et al.

The 50-minute interview with Danny was subsequently broadcast on Media Man Australia, in the multimedia section.

This morning I awoke to an e-mail, forwarded by Danny, and written by "Peter". It read as follows, "danny, first of all, id like to apologise for the aforementioned, unfortunately danny, we have fame seekers here in Australia, too, Hinch is a bankrupt who is also a womaniser, also a person who in a desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight, was the BEAST, on a panel show called ''Beauty and the Beast'', you prob have a show like that in the U.S, people write in with their most intimate problems to a bunch of celebs, they have a joke, few laughs, at the writers expense, tell them to take a pill and lie down, you know what I mean, danny, no guilt at all, he was sacked from that, this man has consistly gone with the most provocative themes in order to remain famous, he even dies his beard, ie film script, my film script, have you heard about my film script!, as for greg tingle, he sounded like a little boy, completely consumed with talking to someone who is known for his morals [you, danny] , please realise these people do not represent the real, ozzies, that are against this appalling , corporatisation of the world [just visit hinchs site, now there's a corporate for you], and media man, well, he is just a hinch waiting to happen, I mean he idolizes the man, sorry again danny for these famers, peter.

That was the exact e-mail received folks.

What does that e-mail demonstrate?

Many things. Inaccuracies, slanderous untrue remarks and jealousy. Did we notice the negative way it is written? Perhaps it is a sign of the writer's inadequateness? It almost borders on hate mail. I have been called a few things, but never before "a corporate". How does one make the assertion, "a desperate attempt"? By the way, I don't "idolise" anyone. Today, I was once again a guest on Channel 31 Community TV, where I am better known as a TV presenter. Just because someone may have once worked for some corporations, does not mean that they are "a corporate" for life.

What puzzles me most is that someone would take the time to write such a negative e-mail, containing so many falsehoods. We all have had to develop a "thick skin", and take the barbs with the compliments. I reiterate that it is a reflection of the "author" of hate mail, rather than the recipient.

Derryn Hinch is one of the most respected journalists and broadcasters in Australia. So much so that he was even recently invited to be interviewed on the ABC's "Enough Rope", with Andrew Denton, in a memorable, informative and entertaining, interview, that can be read at: http://www.abc.net.au/enoughrope/stories/s902377.htm

Derryn Hinch has even addressed the National Press Club, in a speech (without notes), that was broadcast on the ABC.

Furthermore, Derryn's bio is found at: http://www.hinch.net/about.htm

And for the people who are interested, my bio is at http://www.mediaman.com.au/bio.html

Public biographies show that someone is not afraid of what people think, and that they stand up for their principles.

A wise man once said, those who can't, "bitch", those who wish, but can't, "complain".

For me, I've got another article to write and another interview to do.

Long live freedom of speech.

Best Regards

Greg Tingle
Editor / Director / Broadcaster / TV Presenter / Journalist
w: http://www.mediaman.com.au


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