World Series Of Poker Satellite Cheaters Caught

World Series Of Poker Satellite Cheaters Caught

This journalist was right on the spot...

Journalist Jeff Haney writes in the Las Vegas Sun this week that he had a ringside seat at a collusion attempt during the WSOP and witnessed the cool and professional way inwhich it was handled.

Haney was a player at the table where the incident took place during a 10-player no-limit Texas hold 'em "satellite" - a minitournament where the winner earns cash or chips that can be used to enter bigger tournaments at the World Series.

Each player started with $1,000 in tournament chips. Early in the satellite, one of the colluders raised $950, and everyone folded around the two other teammates, who both went all-in for their $1,000.

The original raiser then folded - a bizarre play that would never be made unless something was fishy.

The two all-in players then each revealed a "junk" hand. Obviously, the three were working together, attempting to "dump" chips to one of the two players who stayed in the hand. In a one-table satellite, a stack of $2,000 or $3,000 is far more powerful than two or three separate stacks of $1,000 working together. That's why cheaters collude to dump chips to a teammate.

The table's honest players were a little too sharp for the colluders, and immediately protested and called for a floor manager.

Having investigated the complaint, manager Bob Dunning ejected the three from the satellite and the entire World Series of Poker. The three colluders were also informed that they were permanently barred from all properties owned by Harrah's. Finally, Dunning cooly and professionally restarted the satellite , giving everyone their original $1,000 and allowing three new players to buy in.

Haney correctly urges honest players to be vigilant and inform the floor supervisor whenever collusion is suspected.

"If you bust out , it should be because the other guy got lucky , or because you made a mistake, or because your opponent outplayed you. It shouldn't be because you were cheated," he concluded.


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