Wrestling And Movies Connection

Wrestling And Movies Connection

13 awesomely awkward celebrity cameos you probably forgot about


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Mixing celebrities and sports-entertainment is nothing new. Long before Cyndi Lauper accompanied Wendi Richter to the ring for a match on MTV, before Drew Carey got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, even before Robocop saved Sting from The Four Horsemen, pop culture stars like 1930's world champion boxer Primo Carnera were climbing into the squared circle.The relationship between sports and entertainment and sports-entertainment is a natural one, but that doesn’t mean things always go smoothly. For every Bob Barker, there have been countless celebrities who have adapted to the ring with the ease of Mike Adamle forming a coherent sentence. And while no wrestling fan can forget the embarrassing turns of stars like Jay Leno and David Arquette, few remembers Ben Stiller’s run-in with Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Russell’s Nitro walk-on and 11 other uncomfortable celebrity cameos that WWEClassics.com is more than happy to bring to your attention.

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