Wrestling: Chris Jericho Told CM Punk He Was A Cancer After AEW's Brawl Out Situation

Wrestling: Chris Jericho Told CM Punk He Was A Cancer After AEW's Brawl Out Situation


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With The Elite set to return, we've learned more about the situation surrounding Brawl Out.

We've heard about some of the names that were around during the brawl who were suspended as they were physically involved, but there were also several that approached shortly thereafter. One of those was Chris Jericho, who was heavily lauded by those we spoke to for his resolve and demeanor stepping up during the scrum right after the incident took place.

Fightful Select was told by numerous sources that Chris Jericho approached CM Punk, unhappy about the Brawl Out fight as well as the nature of the scrum that had just taken place. Jericho told CM Punk that he was a cancer to the locker room, and a detriment to the company. Those we've spoken to didn't recount CM Punk's reply verbatim, but said that he effectively told Jericho it wasn't his business and needed to leave. We've also heard there were more interactions that haven't been reported yet, that we're working on gaining more detail on.

Shortly after, Jericho stepped up to appear at the scrum. He also helped lead a talent meeting in the days that followed, and was signed to a significant extension that saw his responsibilities expanded along the way.

Fightful reached out to Chris Jericho and AEW for this story, but didn't hear back, some close to CM Punk did confirm the interaction took place. I'll reiterated, Chris Jericho did not comment on this story.

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