Wrestling Match Of The Decade

Wrestling Match Of The Decade

Roman Reigns vs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dream Match May Become A Reality at WWE WrestleMania 40

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Up to approx 30 degrees

Combat sports are red hot right now
and UFC
under TKO
banner as per NYSE

Wrestling Match Of The Decade wheels in motion for WrestleMania: Roman Reigns
vs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

John Cena
and Johnson escape fallout from Hollywood writers strike!

MMA: The UFC Sean Strickland
era is here. Izzy has been advised by many to rest up, rethink his political allegiance and messaging with China. Will he ever live down the "Dog Day Afternoon" in Sydney, Australia! Pro MMA can be a dog eat dog business and SS's mind games got to "The Last Stylebender". Was the fight already lost for Izzy before the "Let's Fn Go"?

UFC Nucho in Mexico. Grasso vs Shevchenko. Draw says judges! Oops. Re-match next time on U.S soil?!

Hot Temp's In Sydney, Australia see pause on bush burn-offs likely for a few days as mini heatwave hits.

Water safety reminder: Beach, rockpools, anywhere around water.

Work/Biz/Life Balance: If working with screens/computers try 15 mins break from screen for every hour on. Protect eyes, head, well-being. A walk around the block and an extra glass of water can work wonders. Water and coffee in the office (but not too close to keyboards)!

Washington, USA: Political basketcases?! USA set for an authentic leader in office. Many of the most suitable candidates work in private enterprise? Too good for the Oval Office?! A bit like some in the land down under of Australia, but not quite as obvious.

New South Wales government of Australia scores big praise by Sydney, Australia sports loving fans. About 3 or so more UFC events to hit Sydney within the next 4 years.

PPV (Pay-Per-View) business models, offerings to get some revamp thanks to TKO (WWE and UFC) deal; What percentage of WWE fans also watch at least some UFC? A higher percentage than the amount of UFC fans who also watch some WWE! Not all exactly or speculative numbers are in the public domain and can we suggest some are hidden - at least in part. Back in the Optus Vision days we used to get our hands on much raw data, thanks to my old bosses and the marketing and PPV department. Many industries have trade secrets, much like the Google Algorithm or KFC's "eleven secret herbs and spices"!

Alt news and niche news finding audiences in Australia, US, Canada, Europe, while many in society has tuned out or largely turned off "TV News" and other "mainstream aka lamestream"; Sky News Australia
is an exception to the rule. Sky boasts an interaction with 11.1 million Aussie's each month. Multiplatform strategy works a charm, with quality and authentic journalism - funny about that hey!!! "Happy to help further spread the good and authentic news"..Anon journo type overheard around the watercooler.

24-hour News Cycle vs Always On via The Internet..

Too much news going on all the time? Part of the reason the Media Man Group often updates X
(formally Twitter) and blogs such as Media Man Int Blogger and Media Man Blogger quicker than news going live to it's flagship websites. Evergreen content strategy works a treat as well as unique perspectives and some gonzo journalism type reporting seldom found in mainstream news. The Google Algorithm is friendly to this business model so it's a Win-Win-Win!

Yes, we are still taking on some select PR and advertising campaigns. Email is if you have something you want the world to know about. There's an old expression that goes something like, "If you have the money we have the time"!

Seriously, we love the once great craft of journalism. The decline of the industry is well documented.. Hat's off to the authentic journos who continue to scribe and sniff out a good story. Journos vs AI! That's a big rabbit hole ain't it.

Remember in this sometimes crazy world, Heath is wealth and time and energy are most valuable resources.

LinkedIn: For more professional (whatever that is anyway) scribes and media presentation check us out via LinkedIn. Greg Tingle, Founder and Director, Media Man Int and Media Man Australia. LI is a MM multi-time 'Social Media Platform Of The Month' winner and finalist (and so it Twitter, now X, right Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino.

Thanks for stopping by Media Man. Beach to Bush Telegraph via The Internet Superhighway. Wrestling and surfin' the web and beyond. Seagulls and Kangaroos ahead!




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