Wrestling stars CM Punk, Triple H and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson comment on WWE - AEW (All Elite Wrestling) "war"

Wrestling stars CM Punk, Triple H and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson comment on WWE - AEW (All Elite Wrestling) "war" - 3rd September 2019


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by Greg Tingle

Pro wrestling stars and iconic figures to the business CM Punk (Phil Brooks), Triple H (Paul Levesque) and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson have recently shared their thoughts at insights about WWE and AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

In a few short weeks, WWE will shift NXT from the acclaimed WWE Network and begin broadcasting live on a weekly basis on Wednesday nights across the far reaching USA Network.

In what many commentators are calling a non coincidence, on the 2nd October AEW will debut their weekly show on TNT Drama, also on the Wednesday PM. You could say this is the commencement of the official "Wednesday Night Wars."

CM Punk has commented on the upcoming wrestling war between AEW and WWE's NXT.

Punk says there’s really no war going on and people should just enjoy the wrestling.

“It doesn’t have to be like that. I’m here to tell you, we need to realize that it’s all there for us and we should enjoy all of it. Just enjoy the wrestling. Whether its WWE or AEW or NXT, you guys don’t have to choose, you can watch it all,” Punk said.

Along with the “war” between the two pro wrestling aka "sports entertainment" promotions, numerous reports also claim that WWE CEO Vince McMahon will be much more hands-on with the brand. However, Triple H stated that it is not the case.

In his recent interview with TalkSport, the WWE legend stated that he finds the issue “funny” and focused on looking at McMahon’s credibility as a businessman instead.

According to Triple H there are a lot of misconceptions about McMahon, but the truth is that all of the things people are enjoying in wrestling these days is because of him.

“And the truth is that it's just funny, the small-mindedness of it, that people don't give Vince credit for being the businessman that he is. So, when people talk about him as a businessman, there's just so many crazy misconceptions. The truth is, all of what we're doing right now, this business, is because of him,” Triple H explained.

AEW’s “All Out” event from last weekend was generally well received, despite a couple of missteps including Cody Rhodes' dog Pharaoh getting spooked out by the pyro / fireworks and has got wrestling world discussing the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT.

WWE living legend turned Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" made time in his schedule to watch AEW's “All Out” show last Saturday.

Johnson commended the event and specified that AEW’s ring commentator Jim Ross did a great job.

"So much fun for the crowd!! Double A!! Spine on the pine. No one better!! And great call Jim Ross,"Johnson wrote.

Early in the year the Media Man agency was quoted about the changes of success with the All Elite Wrestling promotion...per The Post and Courier: (Wrestling)

“All Elite Wrestling has their work cut out for them no matter how deep those pockets are,” says Tingle, who lists several positive factors for the promotion, including those deep pockets of the Khan family and their overall success in the sports and entertainment business, along with the signing of Chris Jericho.

“Jericho also is a multi-media and business mastermind. His in-ring skills and being over are only a moderate part of the deal with Jericho. He’s super smart to the business, and defied the odds himself to become the hottest wrestler in the world, and got the deal of a lifetime.”

Tingle also sees Cody Rhodes as a significant piece of the puzzle.

“Rhodes’ management and involvement facilitates positive news, cred and the fans and industry wanting to see him and the crew succeed,” says Tingle. “Worldwide positive news and PR has already been achieved due to the close-knit world of professional wrestling. Soon the news needs to get to the mainstream sports and entertainment world (via a TV deal with regular programming).”

Naturally, adds Tingle, there will be challenges.

“AEW is known to pay good money to performers, so they are burning through cash. Performers will expect big pay packets, and may demand big deals to make the jump over now that the world knows Jericho got a massive payday.”

And then there are the unknowns.

“How long is the Khan family giving AEW to work and show a return on investment (if we can assume that’s also part of the goal, other than just making a mark on the industry)? How long can AEW be a ‘loss leader,’ funded by other Khan business investments? The wrestling world knows the story of WCW’s challenge and success up against WWE. Just how much money does one spend to become successful, then only to see a downward spiral and catastrophic cash burn and collapse?

“Like most fans and sports media commentators, I really want to see All Elite Wrestling succeed and become a true and sustainable alternative to WWE (and even New Japan Pro Wrestling to some extent). I think the odds are against the long-term, decades-plus success of the promotion, but I would love to see it happen. With the right TV deal, international expansion and fans around the world continuing to get behind the Khan clan, it could happen. It would be incredible to see AEW become a sustainable pro wrestling company for decades into the future.”



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