Wrestling With Reality TV: Miz & Mrs vs Total Divas vs Total Bellas vs the rest

Wrestling With Reality TV: Miz & Mrs vs Total Divas vs Total Bellas vs the rest


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Miz (Mike) and Maryse appear on Larry King NOW

Miz & Mrs. is an American reality television series that premiered on July 24, 2018 on the USA Network. The series, a spin-off of Total Divas, follows the lives of The Miz and Maryse in and out of the wrestling ring. The show is set to include six 30-minute episodes, which will follow the couple leading up to the birth of their first child. The Miz and Maryse also serve as executive producers of the show.


Miz & Mrs.

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Total Divas is an American reality television series that premiered on July 28, 2013, on E!. The series gives viewers an inside look into the lives of female WWE wrestlers from their work within WWE to their personal lives with the inclusion of behind the scenes footage. Seasons one through seven are available on WWE's on-demand streaming service, WWE Network and Hulu.


Total Divas

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Total Bellas

Total Bellas is an American reality television series that premiered on October 5, 2016, on E!.[1] The series is a spin-off of Total Divas which gives viewers a further look into the lives of Brie and Nikki Bella, along with their immediate family and their partners, Daniel Bryan and John Cena respectively.



Total Bellas

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Lucha Underground

In Lucha Underground, the best lucha libre wrestlers from around the world battle for honor, glory or wealth. Concocted by mysterious business owner Dario Cueto, internationally-known luchadors and wrestlers, including Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, The Monster Matanza Cueto, Taya, Sexy Star, Drago, Fenix and The Mack, gather to wrestle at Dario’s underground fight league. And calling the action all along the way is the legendary Vampiro, Matt Striker and the lovely Melissa Santos. Battling and wrestling inside what Dario calls “The Temple,” these luchadors represent centuries-old fighting traditions, with some wrestling as descendants of the seven ancient Aztec tribes. And with an Earth-ending battle between the Aztec Gods on the horizon, our world hangs in the balance inside that wrestling ring! Which heroes will step forward, who will turn their backs on humanity and who will make the greatest sacrifices in hopes of saving mankind?


Lucha Underground

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Lucha VaVoom

Mexican Masked Wrestling + Burlesque + Comedy = Lucha VaVOOM

Lucha VaVOOM is a non-stop, action-packed scream-a-thon, where Mexican Masked wrestlers flip and fly, performing breathtaking acrobatic feats while battling evil luchadores. Historically speaking, Lucha VaVOOM brings the bizarre world of 60’s Mexican Lucha Cinema to life. Brave, masked wrestling crime fighters save the world from evil brains, vampires, the Bermuda Triangle etc; always with an obligatory stop at the local go-go club.

In-between matches, the finest, handpicked burlesque acts from around the world astound; at Lucha VaVOOM, we like a little sexo with our violencia. Raucous aerial acts, Pogo-stick peelers, hula-hoop hotties; we’ve got it all!

But wait there’s more! Our color commentary is handled by comedians Tom Kenny, Dana Gould and Blaine Capatch. Other guest commentators include Fred Armisen, Brian Poussein, Patton Oswalt, Greg Proops, Jeffrey Ross and Bobcat Goldthwait. Even Jack Black sat in, proclaiming “Lucha VaVOOM is the sh*t!

It all began in August 2002 as a one off event. The overwhelming crowd response convinced Rita & Liz to do it again, and as soon as possible.

Ever since, Lucha VaVOOM has played at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles three times a year -- Valentines Day, Mid-summer, and Halloween. From there, Lucha brought it’s circus to Toronto, where they did two nights at the Koolhaus and made every newspaper and TV news program, including Much Music.

Lucha VaVOOM was asked to be a part of the first HBO Las Vegas Comedy Festival, where they performed alongside Jon Stewart, Lewis Black and Dave Chapelle. That same year they performed at the famous Sony E3 party at Dodger Stadium, where they took the spotlight away from the Pussycat Dolls.

We've featured on The Ellen show, Masterchef, America's Next Top Model and more!

Lucha VaVOOM has gone on to perform in Chicago, San Francisco and Amsterdam, with more cities on the way.

They’ve also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, CBS National News, G4's Attack of the Show, Channel X in Britain and A Current Affair just to name a few. Here’s what the press says about us:

Lucha VaVOOM has a big future.
TIME Magazine

..It’s enough to make even the most jaded Hollywood insider jump up and yell “Smackdown.”
Rolling Stone

Lucha VaVOOM is the most exciting, bonkers show I’ve seen in ages.

A madcap mix of Mexican wrestling, comedy, and vintage burlesque. I love, love, love it.
Vanity Fair

Far-out flamboyance always prevails at Lucha VaVOOM, a spectacle of Mexican freestyle wrestling with an L.A. twist.
Los Angeles Times

With this perfectly balanced evening of sex, comedy & comicbook violence, the populace of earth deserves nothing less than a global tour. Everyone needs a little Lucha VaVOOM in their life. Bizarre


Lucha VaVoom

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Miz (Mike) and Maryse



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