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WWE Perth: All the spandex-lovin’ reactions ahead of Optus Stadium’s potential 2024 event
By Caleb Runciman and Kellie Balaam (The West Australian) - Sun, 19 February 2023


If double-legs and RKOs aren’t your thing, it might be best to vacate the State if Perth secures a WWE event.

As revealed by The Sunday Times, the McGowan Government plans to make Perth “the sports capital of Australia” — motivated by the recent visit of WWE athlete Logan Paul.

Considering a pitch to the World Wrestling Entertainment for a 2024 event at Optus Stadium, minister Roger Cooke said “we all saw how the phenomenal success of the UFC transformed the city last weekend and sold Perth to a global audience”.

“How good was it to have Logan Paul as well doing a quokka selfie for his millions of followers, then talking up how great Perth is on his popular podcast?

“I would love to see Logan back here next year in action with the WWE leaping off the top rope at Optus Stadium in front of tens of thousands of fans,” Mr Cooke said.

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Sydney History teacher turned pro WWE wrestler opens up about his career (SMH)


Former Sydney history teacher Grayson Waller is now wrestling professionally in the United States for the WWE, Waller now features in the new WWE 2K23 video game and 9News sat down with him to talk about his journey so far. (The Sydney Morning Herald)



Adelaide born WWE star Rhea Ripley talks WWE 2K22 and her wrestling career (The Sydney Morning Herald)


Rhea Ripley, aka Demi Bennet, is one of the biggest WWE stars to ever come out of Australia. 9News.com.au sat down with Ms Ripley to talk about her recent WWE 2K22 video game appearance and her accomplished wrestling career.



Big belts, tight trunks: WWE invades Melbourne (The Sydney Mornning Herald)


When you step out on a Saturday night and see grown men walking Melbourne's streets with wrestling championship belts around their waists and children dressed as their favourite wrestlers, it can only mean one thing - World Wrestling Entertainment [WWE] is in town.


And so, the eyes of the wrestling universe were fixated on the MCG on Saturday night as the WWE staged its hugely anticipated Super Show-Down event.

About 70,000 raucous wrestling fans flocked to the MCG to watch legends such as Triple H, the Undertaker, John Cena and Kane punch, kick, body-slam and grapple their way around the ring where the AFL centre square is usually marked.

Transformed into a WWE arena with chairs on the turf and extra lighting rigs everywhere the grand old stadium was a sight to behold.

Jarrad Smith – dressed as his favourite wrestler, WWE champion AJ Styles – had come to the MCG with four of his best friends, who were also dressed as their most loved "superstars".

"It’s all we talk about, wrestling," he said. "We’ve been building up to this. A couple of us have been to Wrestlemania three times and we are going next year in New York."

Hours before the first match, the MCG and its surrounds filled up. Merchandise stalls packed with T-shirts, hats and replica championship belts did a roaring trade, with the most expensive item available, a WWE Universal Championship belt, going for $700.

Brothers Wyatt and Noah had been brought to the MCG with their parents. Both had belts and the younger Noah had a Rey Mysterio mask.

"I can't wait to see John Cena," said Wyatt. "We've been waiting for this for ages."

On top of the thousands at the MCG, millions of wrestling fans tuned in around the globe to watch the WWE pay-per-view television event.

WWE regularly host events in Melbourne – annually at Rod Laver Arena and once at Marvel Stadium in front of 56,000 people – but never before have they broadcast an Australian show around the world.

But those in the stadium were enthusiastic enough. As a countdown clock appeared on the screen with one hour until showtime, the crowd, in unison, counted down the last 10 seconds to every new minute.

In between one person would let out a high-pitched "WOOOO", in the style of Ric Flair, and soon enough the whole crowd would be joining in.

Moment of the night went to Melbourne’s own Buddy Murphy, who beat Cedric Alexander to win the WWE Cruiserweight championship.

The high-flying Murphy, known as “The Best-Kept Secret” by his fans, used to work in construction in Melbourne and travelled to the US in 2013 to earn a contract with the wrestling company.

Originally from Berwick, he is the first Australian to win one of the “main roster” titles in the WWE.

That came after AJ Styles beat Samoa Joe to retain the WWE Championship and Charlotte Flair defeated Becky Lynch by disqualification, meaning Lynch retained the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The night’s main event was the last-ever match between legends The Undertaker and Triple H, which was changed to a “no disqualification” rules clash just before it got underway.

This meant chairs, sledgehammers, tables and even electrical cable came into play.

After a brutal match it was Triple H who triumphed, with a little help from the "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels in his corner.

Kane, who was in Undertaker's corner, did his best to help out but they couldn't get the better of the former D-Generation X allies.

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Media Man

A Brief Guide of NetSuite Shopify Integration for Website Design & Development


Undoubtedly, website development companies must take risks and work against the mainstream if they want to stand out and advance in the very competitive eCommerce market. Shopify is likely one of the most excellent eCommerce web development platforms, offering a wide range of customisation options. Numerous eCommerce stores with differing levels of success use the Shopify Integration platform NetSuite.

Each company has different needs for website design and development. As a result, website creation costs in Australia are not fixed. The type of project, the level of customisation required, the necessity for specific features, the total number of pages, and other elements are among the main factors of web development pricing.

This article will help you explore the advantages of integrating Shopify and NetSuite and the best ways to do website design & development.

NetSuite Shopify Integration

All of the top eCommerce systems, including Shopify, are able to be integrated with NetSuite because it is the most adaptable and versatile ERP platform. You can quickly combine Shopify's managed eCommerce platform with your NetSuite ERP platform to boost the growth of your online retail company.

Digitisation has changed all facets of life since the epidemic emerged, including consumer attitudes. Therefore, it has become critical to stand out in the crowded market. Additionally, if you run a retail organisation, you'll need to use e-commerce to adjust to your clients' evolving wants.

However, an e-commerce site cannot do extensive and thorough management on its own. As long as it is correctly integrated with an ERP, like NetSuite Shopify Integration, an e-commerce site is guaranteed to boost revenues.

This NetSuite Integration is a one-stop shop for all your business-related needs. So, a few benefits of NetSuite Shopify integration are listed below.

Advantages of Integrating NetSuite with Shopify

Shopify offers an all-inclusive spectrum for selling everything you want online. Shopify is currently the most widely utilised e-commerce platform, and everyone is aware of it.

Shopify, the website development company, offers several unique features that are simple to use, adaptable, economical, capable of hosting and managing a site, and much more. Here are a few significant benefits.

Less Margin of Error

The information flows between NetSuite and Shopify as a result of its integration, keeping the data updated on both platforms. It happens instantly and automatically. As a result, information is rarely repeated, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Better Service and Customer Experience

NetSuite keeps track of all transactions and actions taken during the sales process and updates this data on a regular basis so that users of NetSuite and Shopify can access it. As a result, the consumer benefits from continuous communication while also receiving superior service from the sales team.

You have a wide range of options with NetSuite to enhance the customer experience. For instance, most online retailers currently permit customers to track shipments. The sales personnel can follow up, in the same manner to ensure that it is done correctly and can step in if there is a problem. This translates to stronger client loyalty and an increase in the company's image.

Automatic Billing

The automatic generating of invoices and delivery notes each time a purchase is confirmed is another fantastic benefit of the NetSuite Shopify connection. All of the data and billing milestones are transferred between Shopify and NetSuite without interruption, registering without any errors.

Investment Optimization

The combination of Netsuite Shopify integration finally ensures significantly more effective use of resources. Automating tasks cuts error rates, keeps human resource costs in check, and makes warehouse operations more affordable.

Moreover, it saves money and time. Also, the planning of the investment of resources can be much improved with the reports produced based on past management data.

The key to recommending more intelligent purchasing considerably and selling strategies will be to consider all the information used for decision-making.

Ways of NetSuite + Shopify Integration for Better Business Growth

The three best methods for integrating NetSuite with the Shopify e-commerce platform are as follows:

Point-to-point Integration

It is a primary method for integrating NetSuite with Shopify. Point-to-point connection synchronises data about consumers, products, and inventory control. Vendors must decide which system to master and how to manage data mapping without an intermediary operational platform during this process.

With point-to-point integration, data is synchronised in batches, such as once or twice a day or even once or twice an hour. For small enterprises with few resources, it is the perfect strategy.

Customised NetSuite Shopify Integration

By altering the Netsuite and Shopify integration procedure, business owners are advancing thanks to technological advancements and increased customizability.

The application programming interfaces (APIs) for these separate systems are linked here to help you with the customised scripts connecting these systems and close the gap between these platforms.

Adopting cloud-based solution

It's one of the most excellent methods for integrating NetSuite and Shopify. In this strategy, cloud-based solutions serve as an operational hub between NetSuite and Shopify. Because of this, you can use the services whenever and wherever you choose.

The Netsuite Cloud-based ERP modules, in contrast to the point-to-point interface method, are extremely adjustable and adaptable to company needs.