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UFC wins Media Man 'MMA Promotion Of The Month'

ONE Championahip is runner up

Followed by PFL (Professional Fighters League)


The Top Ten PPV Buys In UFC History


Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg. (Image by AI)

Musk vs Zuck "The Fight Of The Century" aka "The Battle Of The Billionaires"



Big Tech continues to shake up traditional news media sector

Social Media expansion continues for Media Man Group; Facebook pages for Magazine, Technology, Bloggers, Europe, Drinks, Boxing, Asia Pacific, Streaming and more

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Like most companies, the Media Man Group has mixed feelings on social media.

Quite obviously, we're still using it, including the FAANGS... and the one the world loves to hate: Facebook!

As primarily a media, publicity, advertising services and project management based companies, we believe that a multi-faceted approach is often the best with campaigns.

Thanks for visiting the Media Man Group today and feel welcome to check out our social media channels and websites.

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Social Media and Social Causes themed Media Man Facebook shines a light on both traditional media campaigns and brands as well as social justice and humanitarian news

Media agency giving back when and where possible, by Greg Tingle

Niche media, marketing and media campaigns the way to go, says Media Man agency

Newspapers vs Online Newspapers vs websites vs social media, YouTube et al

Personal technology on Media Man agency radar; Business ramping up across Sydney's eastern suburbs says Media Man agency

Social media strategies; Own content, sharing others content, or both?

Social media news and campaigns a double edged sword says Media Man and Australian Sports Entertainment agency head


'Google Australia'. Photoart by Greg Tingle