Your guide to seasonal content marketing

Your guide to seasonal content marketing
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Are you in an industry where seasonality is a big factor? Here's how to create content for relevant time periods within your space.

By Victoria Shepherd

September 12, 2022

For most businesses, holidays bring in revenue – and a lot of it. In the United States, total retail spend during the 2021 holiday season was $1.221 trillion, according to Insider Intelligence.

Aside from holidays, seasonality influences select industries – where specific times of the year are more popular than others. The fitness, healthcare and ecommerce spaces are just a few industries with seasons.

If you work in an industry where seasonality is a big factor, then your brand needs to participate. Otherwise, you could be losing out on significant revenue opportunities.

In this article, you’ll learn why seasonal content is important and get tips to help plan your seasonal content strategy for the year.

What is seasonal content?
Seasonal content focuses on topics, trends and events that happen at the same time of year. This type of content should embody the lifestyle of your brand and the industry you’re in.

For example, suppose you’re a health insurance provider. In that case, it’s essential to present helpful content during the annual enrollment period (AEP) as it’s the time of year when an individual already enrolled in a program can change their plan, or someone turning 65 can pick a plan.

Another example is ecommerce. Marketers can develop content for plenty of holidays, such as Amazon Prime Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and so on.

If your industry has seasons, this can help you plan your content calendar ahead and give you time to develop and implement. Doing so helps your seasonal content to get indexed in search engines and shared in newsletters. You can also create promotions around these times of year.

Evergreen vs. seasonal content
It’s important to understand the difference between evergreen content and seasonal content.

Evergreen content is more of a long-term play and is mostly always useful, no matter what time of year. One evergreen topic could be “What you should know about peanut allergies.” It does not matter what time of year you would promote that, as people who suffer from peanut allergies suffer all year round.

A more seasonal content topic could be “What you should know about the flu in 2022,” where you can speak about the flu season in that particular year, symptoms and any other important information about a specific strain of the flu.

Seasonal content is more of an immediate need that can go viral, or create quick engagement within social media, while evergreen helps for the long game. Both can be updated, which we will talk about later.

Why does seasonal content matter?
When seasonal content is done properly, it can attract new people to your brand, increase engagement and push them into your workflows or sales cycle.

Seasonal content shows that your brand is also relevant and staying current. Not having seasonal content, especially when your industry can leverage it, might imply your brand is stale or irrelevant.

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An excellent article by Victoria on seasonal content marketing. We're based in the Eastern Suburbs/ Eastern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, but our coverage, reach and readership is very much global. Over a decade ago we made the decision to expand more from just having an Aussie domain name for our media and pop culture coverage to also having more dot com domains and website. Going global was one of the best business decisions we ever made. As far as seasons go, Australia has a vast array of climate and environmental conditions throughout the year and this is also related to the type of personal and business activities, events, habits and such going on. For example there's extreme differences between snow season, surfing prime time, beach volleyball etc. There's events such as Bondi Winter Festival, Finke Desert Rally (Outback Australia), and then we cover WWE SummerSlam (abroad in the U.S), while it's still cold in Australia! Pro wrestling is of course evergreen content, which is part of the reason it's so popular on both websites, social media and streaming channels. We find it's best to spread the risk and cover events in Aust, the U.S, Europe etc all year round therefore riding out the ebbs and flows. Man of all seasons!


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