Interview - Mike Antipow

Interview: Mike Antipow, The Vivisectors, Musician: 8th September 2003

We explore the world of surf rock with the vivisector himself, Mike Antipow. Mike steps us through his career, and deep into the world of a vivisector.

Let's begin...I hope I will not disappoint you.

What's your background?

I play on my guitar from 13 years old but only now I can get such a huge audience in internet.

What is a Vivisector?

The Vivisectors is the one-man-band. First time my "band" had no name. My wife Lena invented this name. "The Vivisectors" reflect the meaning of what I do. Loops , samples, drag-and-drop function,guitar recording step by step- all of that create music Frankenstain. It looks like 50- 60- music but not it is. Vivisection is the meaning of recent life. For all.

Explain your style?

Hank C Burnette- this is the style. Coolest drive and perfect sound!

How many of them are their in your band?

The band consist of 3 members. I am musician. Usually I play music all day long. I have no time for letters, connections and send my MP3 stuffs to internet. All of this and many more does Lena- my wife.
When my computer shut down my elder son Alex reanimate it. He also create our site. I guess he is genius.

How did you guys get your break?

Actually we got two breaks. The first was when we got powerful 486 computer. Unfortunately it does not work. Another break was we send our music to internet and resive thousands of audience during the month.

Why surf rock?

Surf rock is alive now. Surf rock is guitar music. Surf rock is a reflection of world's beauty.

Did you do well at music at school or were you up to no good, like me, instead?

No. I was bad pupil. And not only at music lessons.

Explain the b-grade movie connection?

B-movie is a real art it must be. Such a characters, such a heroes! Children's nightmare naive art.

What was your biggest hit?

Lena with the most of our audience like Africa, Scary Song and Mom Blues but I think our biggest hit is in the future.

What's your studio like?

Like our living room. We live in studio or work at living room.

How many gigs do you get?

No one. I have no another musicians who thinks like me. I don't want to play with guys who want to make their music.

Who are your main performers?

Mike Antipow.

Explain a typical day for you?

Every day I work as a singer in the funeral home. Afternoons I play in my home studio. At night Lena connect to internet and promote our stuffs.

Who is your creative genius?

Mike Antipow- me :-)

Have you met any of your surf rock inspirations like Dale or Burntte?

It was one man in my life who was my teacher. He played in the dance halls and at the streets. I guess he gave me dharma. This men died poor and unknown but he was great musician. I heard his sounds in guitars of Dale and Burnette.

Where have you traveled, and tell us some tales from the road?

We like extreme tracking in the woods like "Blair Witch Project" :-) And once upon a time Mike saw
the flying saucer.

Why is indy rock the best, and what's your thoughts on the majors (big 5 record labels)?

Lena: If the manager of major label comes to me and suggest to be a signed artist- I'll think "he is the devil" Mike: If the manager of indy label comes to me (or I come to him)- I'll think "he is the angel !"
Seriously indy music is the best because it is making by the musicians. The music on the major
labels is done by producers, directors, managers etc. Not the musicians.

How does the internet help you reach the right audience?

Only internet helps us to reach the right audience. I play music, resample it to MP3 and anyone can listen it for free. It's cool. Today I can compose the stuff,record it. Tomorrow you can hear it and say to me what are you thinking about it. I get feedback, I get my satisfaction. All we need is to let some resources (like the Australian surf rock resource) add us to their link list.

What are your current projects?

Our current project is "The Fabulous John Doe" album. It will be surf rock as usually but we want to do it more melodical and better sound

What's your motto?

Hometaping will save the world!!! (paraphrase from Dostoevsky).

Any plans to come to Australia, and no, I'm not a rock promoter, but I deal with some. (see the interviews section)

The Australia is the great country. Of course we are glad for your proposition. Thanks. But The Vivisectors is one-man-band...

Thanks for interview experience. It was very interesting work. Your questions are beautiful and professional. 09.09.03- 09.14.03 we have our trip to the deep wood. Send us e-mail September 8 or after September 14. Best regards The Vivisectors.


Editors note: How cool was that! Listen to that sound baby.


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