Interview - Greg "TNT" Bownds

Interview: Greg "TNT" Bownds, Promoter & Wrestler, AWF Pro Wrestling -
January 2004


What makes a great wrestling promoter?

Someone who is smart to the business, understands their audience, knows how to organise talent, and knows how to really go out and promote events.

What are the main differences in running a promotion in Australia, as opposed to the US?

Firstly, currently Australia has no TV vehicle to showcase it's performers, so on a national scale it is hard for anyone to become a huge draw. In the US there are a lot of regional promotions that have TV, where in Australia we don't have the amount of TV stations to facilitate this. To a large extent they are quite similar. A minor difference seems to be that especially in NSW & QLD a lot of the shows are run out of RSL clubs as they have suitably sized auditoriums, whereas in the US they range from school halls to major entertainment venues.

What makes AWF the best Australia promotion?

AWF has been successful because it has run quality shows, consisting of well rounded wrestlers, combined with entertaining booking, as well as strong promotion leading up to events. Our wrestling school has produced more quality workers for Australia than anywhere else, and our shows are successful.

Who are some of the overseas workers you have brought to Australia in the past, and how did the deal come about?

World traveled wrestling stars such as Sabu, Psicosis, Scorpio, Chris Candido, Marty Jannetty & Super Dragon are some of the internationals AWF has brought to Australia over the last few years. Most of the deals came about through many phone calls, constant contact and negotiations with international talent and agents, plus a keen eye watching over the international wrestling circuit.

Who are your top workers?

Currently AWF Wrestling's top performers are TNT, Dean Draven, Steve Ravenous, PC Virus, Krackerjack, "High Flyin" Mark Hilton, "Attitude" Adam Bedford, "Mad" Tony Kebab, The Webmistress and Billy Flyswat just to name a handful.

How often do you run shows? On average once per fortnight. The second half of 2004 however will likely be way up due to a lot of interest in our product currently.

What have been the highlights of your career?

Highlights of my promoting career have been being able to make a living doing what I love, putting on some of the best shows Australian wrestling audiences have ever witnessed, selling out our Championship Crowning Tournament, and bringing international talent to wrestle in Australia.
As a performer, putting on quality matches against international wrestlers such as Marty Jannetty & Super Dragon.

Wrestling workers who I enjoyed watching via the wonders of video tape for years such as Sabu and Scorpio.

Working 3 matches on the way to becoming the First AWF Australasian Heavyweight Champion.

Being lucky enough to meet a variety of great people who have become friends.

My work with the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling. To teach and see someone's talent grow is very rewarding.

Any mentors?

Shane Fenton originally taught me the basics of wrestling. Businessman Rob Jones taught me a lot in the way of experience with the other side of wrestling and responsibility.

My father has been in business for a long time and showed me that hard work can be rewarding.

Rey Misterio Sr gave me an introduction to Lucha Libre.

Describe your style?

My wrestling style is technical, well paced, well rounded. I like to do a little of everything; mat, technical, flying, bumping, psychology, comedy, serious.

What is your training regime, and how do you set training programs for others?

I currently train weights 4 times a week, undertake cardio exercise 5 days per week, and run wrestling classes 2 times per week.

I individualise the training to the individual's needs for the most part.

What are some of the worst injuries you have suffered over the years?

I have incurred a broken finger, ankle, and tailbone. I have had a sprained wrist, torn shoulder and displaced sacraillium.

What's the key to your success?

Persistance, dedication, action, study, hard work and creativity.

What's your motto?

Believe in yourself and do it to it the best that you can.

Where can we see you and the team perform next?

The next AWF event will be 7:30 pm, 7 February, 2004 at the AWF Dojo located 7/32 Swettenham Rd, Minto. All wrestlers appearing are members and graduates of the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling. The "New Years Revolution" will feature 6 matches, plus the presentation of the 2003 AWF Year Awards. Come down and check out all the action. It will be a blast.

For info on future shows visit for more details.


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WEIGHT: 100kg
DEBUT: 5 April, 1994
SIGNATURE MOVES: The Detonator, Top Rope Twisting Elbow Drop, Twisting Neckbreaker, Top Rope Neckbreaker
FIGHTING STYLES: A mixture of everything. Power, Technical, High Flying etc, TNT can do it all!
QUOTE: “3…2…1… It’s Detonation Time!”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Velvet Kevorkian" - Strapping Young Lad

DETAILS: Made pro debut in 1994 and was named Australian Rookie of the Year… One of the first wrestlers to use a modern high flying style in Australian rings, TNT was innovative in introducing high risk moves such as moonsaults and plancha dives in Australia… Has held versions of the Australian Tag Team Championship and Heavyweight Championships, and has also held the AWF Australasian Heavyweight Championship on two occasions, defeating Lobo and Il Cognito respectively… Has faced the who’s who of Australian wrestling, as well as international stars such as Sabu, Super Dragon, Marty Jannetty, 2 Cold Scorpio and many others… Is the head trainer of the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling and has had a part in training over 30 active professional wrestlers… One of the most well rounded wrestlers to ever come out of Australia, TNT is a world class wrestler and a dangerous, explosive and controversial force in AWF rings.