Interview - Louise Davidson

Interview: Louise Davidson. Artist, Singer and Songwriter - November 2021


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1. How and when did you discover your talent for creative arts?

As long as I can remember I have expressed creatively. I have photos of myself aged 3 dressed up in a cowgirl outfit strumming my toy guitar and singing and I looked like I knew what I was doing. No one in my family played any instruments or performed in any capacity. I can only surmise that the seed of music was inside and bursting to come out. I remember loving that guitar and standing in front of my nanna pretending to be a star.

I loved to draw, sew, write and explore all kinds of craft activities. I made up songs and plays and immersed myself in a landscape of creativity. I love colour and design.

2. How does artistic expression help you in your overall life, and what effects do you understand it has on others?

Whether it be painting, writing songs or poetry I experience artistic expression as a powerful vehicle for healing and giving voice, whether it be through sound or imagery, as the expression of the Soul into the world. Art is giving form to the formless and sound from silence. It is a cycle of giving and receiving of the spirit of life and love which I experience as weaving a rich tapestry bringing people together to share in the spirit of creation.

A lot of my artwork also ends up as designs for fabric.

3. What do you consider to be the biggest life and career challenges and highlights so far?

The biggest challenge for me on both fronts has been to trust there is a place for my art in the world. I have also spent the majority of my adolescence and adult life dealing with chronic pain from a spinal injury. Living in the world with major challenges is not easy. I would say my
hi-light was to sing Amazing Grace for a few thousand people at a conference in Los Angeles. Getting to that conference was a major win for me and to have the honour to sing was the icing on the cake.

4. Explain your connection with nature, Mother Earth, and your beautiful song of the same name?

I wrote Earth Mother in the early 90's. I had just started playing guitar and experimenting with strumming chords. I was sitting in the backyard strumming and the lyrics and tune for Earth Mother came through. In a way it's like a prayer for mother earth. When I consider the planet we inhabit and what Mother Earth, both is and represents to us all as children of the cosmos, I feel a deep sense of grief for this land we call home for a while. I feel as though I can hear her crying out just as many of us cry out at various times in our lives. Unheard, the cycles of violence are allowed to continue. Mother Earth is our home and our mirror. She, like the rest of us wants and needs to be loved and respected.

5. How do you decide whether to write songs, or draw art, or does it just happen organically, where no or little thought goes into that?

It's very much an organic process. I allow myself to be a conduit for the creative life force to move through me.

6. How has the internet helped spread the message of your art and music globally, and what was the experience like with CD Baby, in getting much of your music onto Spotify?

CD Baby is great. The process is pretty straightforward in uploading music to them and they distribute it to the streaming platforms.

7. What's some of the best compliments you've received on your music and art?

Generally people tell me they like the colour, texture and diversity of my paintings and people often comment on how unique they are. Many people say they feel happy looking at them and they feel drawn in by them.

Feedback I have received about my music is that, I write heartfelt authentic stories and the overall vibe is relaxing to listen to. I have heard from a few people that they find my album "Journey" good to drive to because the music has momentum and the style of singing is relaxing.

I have heard from a number of people that my song New World, which I wrote when the pandemic started, sounds like a Disney theme song, which leads me to thinking about Disney stories being about new and higher ways of living.

One Point Five was also written when the pandemic started. It was a way of focusing on keeping active and fit in a time of great stress, while also focusing on the good and how to make a challenging time fun.

8. What was the main inspiration or catalyst that led you to write the children's book, 'Captain Featherhead'?

I had a cockatiel named Benjamin Edward Fields's who was a very cheeky and unique bird. He was quite stubborn at times and one day he was sitting on the wooden frame of a mirror I had in my lounge room. He started chewing at the wood and was being defiant when I tried to get him down. Eventually I got frustrated and said "Right Captain Featherhead that's enough!" The next thing I know I have written a poem which I turned into a book.

The next thing I know, a poem came pouring forth, which after reading a few times, I saw the potential for it to be a children's book and so I set the intention to bring it forward into the world and followed the steps through to completion. The process was both fulfilling and one of expanding and growing as I kept moving beyond my comfort zone to see it through to the manifestation of a finished product.

9. As both an artist and a person in general, what do you feel is your main mission and purpose?

To be open to allow the divine to express through me for others to experience.

10. What's this we hear of your community involvement with the baths off the Coogee to Maroubra Coastal Walk in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs?

I have been a volunteer in various capacities at McIver's Ladies Baths for close to 20 years. Firstly I began by picking up rubbish around the grounds, cleaning leaves out of the pool and hosing out the change room. I began to get to know people who were part of the managing committee and I began to help out cleaning the clubhouse. I was invited to join the committee and after considering that for a month, I accepted. Over the last 4 years and especially over the course of the pandemic I have volunteered in a whole new capacity, helping to manage through extremely challenging circumstances under NSW Heath regulations and the general sense of collective fear in the air. It has been a difficult time to navigate with no preparation. The pandemic and the restrictions on peoples lifestyles raised a high level of fear which I witnessed being played out. To be in a position of being the recipient of energy of fear was a very challenging place to be. It tested my capacity moment to moment as I volunteered almost every day of last swimming season and through the COVID lockdown in the winter of 2020 when we operated on restricted hours. The primary objective was to keep McIver's safe for the patrons and give access to as many women and children as possible. There are a number of patrons with compromised immune systems and women who work in the hospital. Maintaining a COVID safe environment in an outdoor space was a big challenge. Gratefully we had some amazing staff and volunteers who worked with us to meet the challenges.

I was very aware of the distress that so many people were experiencing, including myself. It was my responsibility as part of the management to be on duty, honestly though I was not at all comfortable being at The Baths. I'd have preferred to go to sleep for a couple of years and wake up to find the pandemic over. Given the way I felt, I stood one day looking out across the sea and asked, "What can I give everyone at this time to help them have a vision to carry them through and this poem came pouring forth as my gift to the Community of McIver's both near and far.

© Louise Davidson 25-07-20

McIver's you are our solace
A beauty rare is she
Set among the cliff face
Of this land wild and free
On this ancient sacred ground
Love permeates the air
Beyond the roaring sound
Is the peace we come to share
As varied as we are
As many roads we travel
Under one bright star
We come here to unravel.
McIver's we love you
You are etched into our being
We stand by you and protect you
Our time with you is freeing
The beauty of your grounds
The whispers from your trees
The wildlife which surrounds
The marine life of your seas
You are home to much beauty
You'll be here when we are gone
We endeavour to protect you
So you may live on and on

11. What's your motto?

To leave things better than I found them.

12. What's your main focus and current projects?

My main focus is to birth the best version of myself into the world through the vehicle of creative expression. My current projects are more adventurous tales in the life of Captain Featherhead. The stories have been written. I am seeking an illustrator.

I am working on songs and putting together collections of poetry.


Ed: We were delighted to make Louise's acquaintance in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. In our estimation Louise is one of the regions most creative artist types. We expect to be hearing more of her success in the near future. And, Louise is currently seeking the right illustrator to work with, so if you think you are the right illustrator for this amazing talent, contact her today!


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Spotify - One Point Five

Spotify - New World

Spotify - Journey