Interview - Randi Drasin

Interview: Randi Drasin, Director, Randi's Fitness for Kids: 19th August 2003

We explore the world of running a fitness center for kids. Randi discusses the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, fitness for kids and more.

What's your background?

I was not born into an athletic household!!! but got into gymnastics and dance as a child...excelled in gymnastics, bombed in dance as I didn't hold an ounce of grace back in those days!!! got into aerobics in high school and college and then in to weight training after college due to a holiday gift membership at gold's gym. after high school graduation I went to the local university to study....believe it or not....communications/television production....thought I was going to be a famous TV producer some day! ended up getting a job for a production company after getting my B/A degree and found out early on that it just wasn't the life for me. at that point I had been working out at gold's gym, met ric...fell in married...and became a personal fitness trainer. stayed with that for a while, gave birth to our daughter, Sami and decided to take on working with kids as I wanted a life that would include our daughter. I didn't want to become one of those mom's that throw their kids into day care all day and end up not knowing their own child!!! so that's the story of how randi's fitness for kids got started.

What sports did you do at school?

actually...none!!! I was more into hanging around the football players and cheerleaders but wasn't actually a participant. though I did belong to the ski club both in high school and college and managed to go on all the ski trips around the US.

Tell our audience a little about your own kids athletic endeavors?

Sami is a true a subtle kind of way...she was a born gymnast true and true. got on the team at the local park and excelled by 7 years old doing round-off back handsprings and aerials. but couldn't handle the 7 hours a week of training and wanted no part of it. then decided to try her hand (or feet) at dance!

Started with hip hop and tap...then started ballet. 3 years of ballet and she is now in pointe shoes. she takes 3 ballet classes a week outside of school and is in a performing arts middle school where she gets ballet/jazz everyday in lieu of PE.

Why is fitness and good lifestyle important for kids, as well as for adults?

Kids need to learn early on that eating right and staying fit is and will be the most important aspect of their life. though they won't understand or appreciate that until they actually become adults! if they start now it will be less of a problem for them as adults and they may not have to work as hard at it because of their prior knowledge.

What are the longer term benefits for kids getting used to a healthy lifestyle?

if they learn how to eat right as kids they won't have to retrain themselves as's like teaching an old dog new tricks. also if they involve themselves in some sort of fitness as a kid, like gymnastics, dance, soccer etc....they will already understand how much exercise will benefit them in the future.

There is much more information about health issues...cholesterol, heart disease, etc...than there was in the past. so we need to pass on this information to our children as much and as often as we can.

It must be demanding at times being married to a professional wrestlers / bodybuilder. How does sharing a healthy lifestyle work out well for you both?

it's only demanding when Ric gets injured....knock on wood...we don't want any more of that!!!!

But all kidding's been loads of fun being able to go to the wrestling shows and watch how all the fans get so excited to see the wrestlers. I kind of just stand back and observe. it's more fun that way.

As far as sharing a healthy life makes things easier because we both go to gold's gym, he wrestles, I do gymnastics as well as teach it, we both eat the same way, healthy, so there's no argument about the food I buy. We also teach our daughter about eating healthy and exercising...she's a dancer and a gymnast.

When are why did you start offering classes breaking away from traditional fitness, like magic, acting and cartooning?

Business is competitive here in Los you've got to keep up. I had only fitness classes for the 1st 5 years, gymnastics, dance, martial arts and cheerleading but I found that the more classes I could offer the more successful my business would become. And my ultimate goal is to go to a school and be able to provide them with their entire after-school enrichment program. I have 2 schools that I do that with now...still working on the other 10, though it may take some time.

Do any of the kids or their parents ever get hesitant when they find out that there are 1 or 2 wrestlers "hanging around the scene"? : ) any funny or interesting stories you can tell?

Gosh love it! Their kids get so excited when they meet Ric that they can't wait to run home and tell their parents. I got Ric involved with a camp that I've taught gymnastics at for the past 4 summers...they asked him to come and do an wrestling demo...well....the kids went nuts!!! They must have all gone home and told their parents because now when they seem him in the mall or at a restaurant they tug on their mom and say "see Mom I told you I met a real wrestler"!!!!

How knowledgeable are you about pro wrestling?

I can't imagine that Ric would not tell you anything about it, as its never a dull moment. I feel that I'm pretty knowledgeable about the business...I know what kaye fabe is!!!

What gives you the edge, in your fitness for kids, and in life in general?

Not to toot my own horn or anything...but I feel that my business is successful because I 'm not just "The Boss" or the "Lady who runs the company", I actually get out there and teach some of my gymnastics classes, I teach all of my summer camps and I get out there and do the warm ups, drills and demonstrate the skills I'm trying to teach my students. I don't just sit behind a desk shuffling papers. I'm active and the kids LOVE when myself and my instructors demonstrate skills. This I feel puts my company above some of the others I'm in competition with. As far as life in general...I think that being active, staying in shape, still training for gymnastics puts me in a better zone than those other parents and business people who live sedentary lives.

Who are some of the success stories to come out of your fitness camps and centre?

All of my students are success stories as far as I'm concerned. I have given them self esteem, taught them coordination and how to use their creativity. That to me puts them all heads and shoulders above the others!

How are you able to make a positive difference in peoples lives?

I provide kids and families with activities that enrich their lives. I truly believe that in offering my program they are not only staying safe and out of trouble but they are learning skills that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. My program does not eliminate those that can not afford these types of classes. It is open to all as I offer scholarships.

Again I have also taught them self esteem and make them understand that no matter how good or bad they are at whatever skill we are teaching them that they are working within their limits and they are doing the best they can.

What's your motto?

To enrich all no matter what!

How do you select your staff?

I try to be picky!!! They need to have had past training in whatever skill they are going to teach. for instance, prior gymnastics training and understanding of spotting kids, Black belt in martial arts, Schooling for my cartooning teachers etc... Most of my staff comes from friends of those that currently work for me or I place ads at the local colleges. It is not easy to find those that want only part time work as I can't offer full time hours since schools dismiss at 2:30 or 3 pm and each class is usually an hour long.

Why is it important to keep training fun?

Because if the kids get bored you'll lose them. If you lose them they don't sign up again and they tell all their friends to not sign up.

How has the Internet helped you and Ric?

It helps me communicate with my school directors and instructors on scheduling classes. In addition my web site is very informational in that any new schools I may contact can actually see who I am as well as my instructors, they can also download the class descriptions and the director letter. It's easier than me sending out a presentation package. Also I have been able to sell costumes, tickets, flowers and videos to my big "Extravaganza" Recital I have every June for the kids to show off their newly learned skills to family and friends.

Since it's election time in California, I need to ask, just how popular is Arnold Schwarzenegger in your part of town? Ric and I can't be the only supporters : ) Are you game to make a prediction?

I love the fact that he is running for governor. I personally think he's going to win. I think that all the kids will beg their parents to vote for the Terminator!!!!

How do you stay motivated?

Well I have to portray what I teach and preach. Therefore I must say in shape as a representative of my company. And yeah I get bored weight training...but I LOVE my gymnastics training!!!! I have so much fun doing round off back handsprings and aerials knowing that 1..I can stay in shape and 2...I can keep up with the young ones!!!!! I have to show them up every now and then!

Why do our readers need to pop into the centre in person, and see for themselves?

Well there isn't an actual center....maybe some day...I run the company out of my office and my instructors go to actual pre-schools, elementary schools and middle schools to teach the classes. But they should take a look at my web site ( or to see what my company is all about and understand the importance of enriching others!

What else should we know?

That I created this company as a way of including my family in my life, not having to go to a 9-5 job at an office all day then coming home and having dinner with them. That is not my idea of a life! I am an active person and I wanted to turn that activeness into why not turn my knowledge on to others in hopes that they in turn pass it along in life.


Editors note: An amazing women, who runs an amazing business. Fitness with kids, and wrestler's hang around the scene. Sounds like fun.


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