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Interview: Natalie Rose. Well-being coach, motivator, writer, creator and White Light Warrior + - August 2021


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We recently had the pleasure of a "chance meeting" (everything being connected) with leading lifestyle and wellness coach, writer + + +, Natalie Rose, via the Coogee to Maroubra Coastal Walk. Natalie has an incredible life and wellness journey and she kindly accepted our invitation for a formal interview. We're sure you are going to enjoy this dynamic and motivational read, and we're already looking forward to the next installment as fellow White Light Warrior continues on her path.

What's your background?

I have a mixed and rich background/ a full life lived by age 36? - so much I could say and concentrate on… what angle do you wanna take? I grew up in a cult called Children of God aka The Family born in Hong Kong then lived in Japan, Philippines and Macau until age 7 - got to Australia from 1991/1992 ish then raided by NSW Police and taken by DOCs from the group and my family during the raids and court case NSW vs The Family 1993/4 - long story short - food and fitness were the only things I really felt I could control - they are a daily passion for me. I learned from others and self to cook from age 10 and learned body conditioning from age 13 when out of the group. My happy life by my choice really began age 18 when I met my husband and children Ava 14, Oliver 8.

How did you transition into the health and lifestyle sector?

A chain of events and signs, or was it more structured, or by design? I gathered health and fitness experience and qualifications along the ’sensible working life’ I chose to pay bills. I love coaching and being coached by others, I love transforming the body through massage, food and fitness. It is nothing short of exciting.

What's your main creative arts offerings and how did you develop the skills? (more self taught, or classroom or online training, or a combination)?

Really I am definitely a combo - Not very studious so I undertook formal studies in small bursts / sprints with bigger chunks spent in experiencing what I enjoyed.

* for my children's books I Studied watercolour painting 3mths, 1mth Oil Painting, Acrylics 3mths, Book Illustration 1mth, Writing 3mths, and Primary education 1year. That was over the span on 8 years in which time I mothered my children and nurtured my hubby and worked with families as a carer, corporate in recruitment, volunteered as a writer for Rotary Club of Sydney and casual jobs in hospitality, wrote a blog and participated with ‘Mums Who Write’ - traveled extensively throughout Australia and USA to get experience and inspiration for books 2&3 - published in 2018 and 2021

* for my fitness journey… it has been essential since age 11 to manage physical illness and injuries, to manage and overcoming eating disorders, depression and anxiety I learned to muscle up and control my food and fitness to take control of my body and mind (the only thing I felt I could and still feel I can control) age 14 I was ripped and very sporty - continued until 2007 when I started smoking with hubby - I quit smoking and returned to gyming in 2017 - retrained my post pregnant body back to athletic while navigating separation, divorce, catering business collapse, family tragedy.

* in 2019 I gained my massage certification and founded Natalie Rose Co doing logo and website with my clever sister in Colorado. 2020 obtained certification in Fitness with Australian Institute of Fitness.

What is your main mission and purpose?

To leave everything, every place and everyone better than I found it…. hard to do but achievable if you think and act small - put on rose coloured glasses, find the joy and pleasure in the everyday, everyone and in everything. Be kind.

What's the "secret" to your own excellent health (and style)?

Be a kid - be curious, playful, excitable.

Who have been some of your most important mentors, or teachers, and why?

In order of their appearance in my life: Mom & Dad inspired and shaped what I needed my own family and my parenting to be. My Sisters showed how to use feminine and masculine energy in various amounts to navigate a very weird world we live in., My Daughter and Son for curing my depression and angst and insecurity with love, laugher, joy and curiosity in everything. Husband for stability and consistency, Brothers and brother in law for best ever role model dads to be proud of and to witness and live a second childhood vicariously through my nieces and nephews. Boxing gym instructor Tim from Alexandria for a beautiful example of transformation from bullied fat kid to champion boxer - it proved to my success is very humanely possible and achievable in a gentle and pleasant way (when done in love) - through nurturing, training, support both professional and personal and lots of fans., my JuJitsu coach and partners in Alexandria for demonstrating benefits and how to be okay and even happier with always being a student, constantly learning, never being expert, and that just showing up is enough. Yoga lady Cata in Coogee for her ability to constantly transform, my lover of 2 years and soccer player Fernando for only seeing the beautiful in me and helping me see it - ‘damn I feel like a woman!'

What's the biggest life and business challenges you have ever overcome?

Cafe closure age 22, catering company collapse age 32 - accepting that the fruits of your labours would not be rewarded. Putting your best foot forward and still failing. Having to pay to exist and never see a return and being okay with it.

What's some of the biggest successes you have achieved, as well as for your clients?

Ability to transform thinking and improve health - teach body puppetry / mastery through demonstration, lessons and feedback Ability to seek exercise in the everyday and using that to transform the previously thought of chores as fitness opportunities - positive effects for all around you when you start thinking like that.

What do you feel is the best and most rewarding aspect of your business endeavours under Natalie Rose Lifestyle Services, and please advise our readers the main 4 or 5 arms and sectors of your company?

Comfort Me Massage and touch therapy - delivering and teaching this tactile art of healing and performance enhancement.

Guide Me - Natalie Does select an everyday travel companion - essential to change a discouraged, discomforted brain into a curious comforted state of mind.

Train Me - American Ass Aussie Bum putting the fun in fitness no matter the culture, style or goal

Write Me - Natalie Does Art ability to express yourself artistically, to see and capture the things you feel in words and images.

Feed Me - First Bites Catering using food as your everyday therapy - all senses combined to modify, improve or maintain body and brain performance.

What's your main advice to people in Sydney and across Australia, and globally, who may be struggling with the current world situation (whatever it is, including what's known as COVID-19)?

Care in all you do.

Open your eyes.

Very carefully walk.

Imagine your best.

Do your best.

What's been the pros and cons of the Internet age for your business, and what's your thoughts on social media for business, as well as on the broader scale?

I am in admiration of the internet age - it is like a magical mystical language I do not speak. It can be the extreme opposite of the ’sallah’ and secretive upbringing I was subjected to. I am still playing with it. I will probably never be an expert or even competent at IT and I am so okay with that.

What's your favourite sports and hobbies, and how do you incorporate these into your business schedule and focus?

Movement! Swimming, Running, Tennis, Cycling, Dancing, weight and resistance training, playing, making love

I am guided and respond to the environment I am in. I am not a fixed character. I am how and who I need to be - I love to fit into my surrounding and with those I share a space with - It feels good to feel part of and integral- it feels better to be connected to… everything.

See the best in everything and everyone and try to ignore/minimise the rest.

In the near future we can also organize to meet up again if you like, and perhaps we could conduct some or more of an interview, or a continuation or feature via video, perhaps around the Coogee to Maroubra Coastal Walkway, or another spot in the Eastern Suburbs.

Yes please Greg, I’d love to do a face to face. Guard your eyebrows, I have my eyes on them.


What an amazing White Light Fellow Warrior hey!

Ahhh, I belong, it feels good..

The Media Man Group looks forward to bringing more interesting news from Natalie, in addition to seeking out more of Australia's and the Universe's most interesting, inspiring and talented people. Something tells us that Natalie has helped further open the Gateway to the Universe of Warriors. Thanks for reading everyone, and keep doing your best to help make the world a better place. We are the ones we have been waiting for!


Part 2 of interview. (Video)


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Little Step's Publishing book profile: Mia's Optiscope: Book One of the Nilimbia Chronicles