Interview - Bobby Rydell

Interview: Bobby Rydell, Entertainment and Wrestling Agent / Promoter

Greg Tingle, director of Media Man Australia, interviews a great American agent / promoter, in his quest to work with the greatest promoters in both Australia and the United States.

Media Man's excellent working relationship with Evan Ginzberg of Wrestling Then & Now, coupled with the wonderful technology we call the Internet, helped make this possible. Not being able to have Bobby in the Channel 31 studio wont stop history taking place. Perhaps it was a higher power and force at work here!

In any event, many have described this interview as one of the greatest of Greg Tingle's career, but then again, the interview can only be as good as the talent, and Bobby is clearly one of the best, and it is shown in his goodwill, humility and expertise.

This interview will also compliment articles of Media Man's, including The Great Yankee Promoters, that is currently being researched, and The Great Aussie Promoters.

This interview uncovers the world of pro wrestling and entertainment - the dark side, the light side, what makes a good promoter, coverage of the steroid trial and Bobby's befriending of Vince McMahon, promoting with The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, the Rock N Roll Wrestling connection with Cyndi Lauper, current projects, and what the future may hold with potentials shows in Australia, as his wrestling promotion battles its way towards #1 in many insiders eyes.

Site back an enjoy this historic 22 minutes of pure gold!

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Editors note: A man of wisdom, insight and a modern day visionary. With the power of the people, married with media and government support, back up by God himself, there will be no limit to the goodwill this man and interview will achieve. Greg Tingle says, "lets make it happen"!



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