Interview: Harry Shearer

Interview: Harry Shearer, Actor, Producer & Writer - 1st June 2003

Harry Shearer, a Los Angeles native, began acting at the age of seven at the suggestion of his piano teacher-turned-agent. He made his film debut in the classic Abbott and Costello Go To Mars and had a small role in the first Cinemascope movie The Robe.

Greg Tingle from Media Man Australia, conducts an e-mail interview with this legendary figure of the entertainment and media world.

What's your background Harry?

Born in LA, educated in LA (and Harvard), studied political science, dabbled in journalism, politics, and school teaching.

How did you break into the business?

When I was seven years old, I got an audition for the Jack Benny radio Program, and I won it.

What are your aims and objectives?

World domination through humanistic satire.

What motivates you?

An extreme aversion to boredom.

How has the internet helped and hindered you?

Mainly helped, opening up many new avenues of information (and disinformation).

I no longer have to read the Los Angeles Times, pathetic little newspaper that it is, since I have my choice of dozens of better and worse papers from around the world.

I maintain communication with a lot more friends and acquaintances, and, having put my radio show on the Net, I'm able to leapfrog the communities and countries where local radio authorities don't see fit to offer it to their publics.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

Co-creator of This is Spinal Tap, voice of many characters on The Simpsons, and able to create a self-sustaining career in show business without having done a lot of embarrassing stuff or kissing a lot of ass.


Editors note: What a cool guy. Seriously, thank you Harry for the wonderful opportunity of interviewing you, and we will get back in touch sometime.


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