Interview - "Exotic" Adrian Street

Interview: "Exotic" Adrian Street, wrestling legend, wrestling trainer, artist, entrepreneur and
author - 31st October 2014


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Today we interview a legitimate professional wrestling legend, who is also a multi-talented entertainer, artist, author and all round innovator and entrepreneur, "Exotic" Adrian Street. Today Adrian is based in Florida, USA, with his lovely wife who is best well known as "Miss Linda". We've been aware of "The Exotic One' for close to 25 years, but recently he generated a great amount of wrestling buzz over the Internet via a resurfaced photograph of him with Miss Linda, The Undertaker, The Big Show and Vince McMahon. We thought we should interview this great of the business, and Adrian was kind enough to grant one of the most unique and bizarre interviews we've ever conducted.

Who or what inspired you to become a professional wrestler, and when and where was that?

I was very good at hurting people and found out I could earn a living at it. The day after I learned to walk.

Who were your favorite couple of wrestlers growing up, and who are your favorites now?

Don Leo Jonathan & 'Nature-Boy' Buddy Rogers. My favorites now would be Miss Linda and myself.

How did you come up with the "Exotic" ring name and all round gimmick or persona (if you call it that)?

I first got the 'Exotic' tag in Mexico in 1981 where they billed me as 'Exotico Adrian' then when I came into the States January 1982 that translated into Exotic Adrian Street.

Do you think (or even care) that some of the general public and even hard-core wrestling fans don't know you are a legit living legend of pro wrestling, and created the awesome costume / outfit for "Dude Love" (Mick Foley)?

No I don't.

You have wrestled some of the world's greatest pro wrestlers including the late, great "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Was he your favorite opponent, or just arguably the most famous you took on?

Savage was one of my American favorites - but the best wrestlers I ever wrestled was in Britain - Lightweight Champion of the World, George Kidd being the pinnacle of a very, very illustrious heap.

Who was your first opponent, where was the match, and what were the circumstances that led to your entry into the business?

August 8th 1957 in London. I wrestled my first professional match against 'Gentleman' Geoff Moran - I won by dislocating his left shoulder 2 minutes of the first round.

What's your motto and mindset into the business of professional wrestling, and has this altered much over the years?

It has altered a lot - in my time we wrestled.

What's your advice for any aspiring pro wrestler who think they have what it takes to be a pro wrestler aka "sports entertainer"?

It doesn't matter how you win - as long as you cheat.

What's the most serious injures you suffered over the decades, and did you ever need or feel the urge to get square with anyone who was involved in you suffering an injury?

Cauliflower ears - a torn Achilles Tendon - a kneecap the ended up in my thigh - cracked ribs - broken nose - even though I did much more damage to opponents.

When did you feel you had "made it" in the world of pro wrestling?

in the early-mid 60s.

For the uninitiated, what's the 3 major world championships you have held?

Middleweight - Light Heavy and Heavy.

When did you and Miss Linda start teaming up (for real), and what years would you consider the pinnacle of your in ring career, when your gimmick was on fire?

Once the fire began it never diminished - in fact I'm still feeling the heat.

What main group of wrestlers do you feel "borrowed" much of your gimmick and fashion? (we think they might include "Adorable" Adrian Adonis and even "Superstar" Billy Graham, but you tell us (if its not going to cause to much heat)

There have been countless contestants who have imitated my persona - I have yet to see any of them imitate my wrestling skills.

Did Vince McMahon (or his father or agents) see you perform in person, and if so, what were some of the reactions?

I don't know or much care - I don't think Vince would recognize a 'wrestler' even if he had any working for him.

What country's has the pro wrestling business taken you too?

All over Europe - Japan - Malaya - Singapore - Thailand - Many counties in Africa including Zambia where I won 2 of my World Titles. Canada - Mexico - The Bahamas - All over the States including Hawaii. I've had offers to visit as many counties again but declined for various reasons.

In your prime years as a pro wrestler, how you you describe your ring style?

Fucking fantastic - the only thing that prevented me being absolutely perfect was my overabundance of modesty.

Did you prefer to work as a villain or a good guy, and why?

I liked being a villain as it gives you more control over the fans - later I became a good guy 'cos Linda was getting attacked by the fans every night.

What led you and Miss Linda to start designing your own ring gear and costumes, and when did other wrestlers start to order wrestling gear and ring attire from you?

I've always designed my own costumes - read my books!

What's your secret of success with your wrestling and personal relationship with Miss Linda?
Determination for wrestling and lots of love for Linda.

Are you allowed to sell a replica "Dude Love" shirt and / or tights, and if so, how much would you charge?

I can sell whatever I create, and I would need specific design in order to price the garment.

When and how did you discover you were also an artist (with the brush, hands etc), as well as an artist in the wrestling ring?

I probably began drawing or painting first time I saw a pencil or a paint brush - it was always Red Indians - with pained faces and feathers in their hair - much Like 'Exotic' Adrian Street.

What are the favorite movies and documentaries that you have performed in?

Canterbury Tales - A drink out of the bottle - Quest for Fire - Grunt The Wrestling Movie - I had 3 songs I wrote and performed in that movie. I have 2 record albums that I also wrote and performed myself.

With what may be perceived as bizarre, or even cross dressing elements, how much would you say is purely show business, and how much is real, or at least shades of grey?

I've always been inspired by colorful warriors - The fans got the wrong impression when I first attempted to emulate them - so I punished their ignorance by pushing the envelope ever further each time I stepped into the ring.

You have been the author over over half a dozen books, primarily on the professional wrestling business, with lots of information about your life? What your favorite couple of books?

It's my journey of a lifetime so I like them all - 'MY PINK GAS MASK' - 'I ONLY LAUGH WHEN IT HURTS' - 'SO MANY WAYS TO HURT YOU' - 'SADIST IN SEQUINS' - 'IMAGINE WHAT I CAN DO TO YOU' - I am presently writing number 6 'VIOLENCE IS GOLDEN'.

You and Miss Linda are true survivors of the pro wrestling business. Did you even have any near death experiences, either in or out of the ring?

Lots - but if you want details, you'll have to read ALL my books.

What was your strategy or method to fighting and beating cancer?

A very positive outlook - I was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2001. The Doctor who gave me the glad tidings said "I'm going to give it to you straight Mr. Street. You have two very malignant types of throat cancer - you are not going to make it out of this - I suggest you go home and put your affairs in order." I replied 'I'm not dying yet mate - there's still too many people in the World that I haven't pissed off yet!" - I never did do what quacks told me to do - that's why I'm still very much alive and still kicking - very hard..

How popular is your website, and how does it maintain its high popularity, despite you not appearing much on worldwide television much these days?

Everything we do is popular because we are.

Who are a couple of your wrestling students who you trained, that you are most proud of?

There were too many to mention, but Bernard Van Damme of Belgium who is Light Heavyweight Champion of Europe and from Britain, Stu Allen who wrestles as 'The Dominator' spring to mind.

Who is the best our of this group of wrestling legends,and why? - Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper and Bruno Sammartino?

I like Kurt Angle - Shawn Michaels who had his first TV contest against me - and Bruno Sammartino - they were wrestlers.

What was Australian pro wrestler Bill Dundee like both as a person, and as a pro wrestler?

I like Bill - but his ego surpassed his ability.

Which pro wrestlers did you like to watch on television these days?

None - I only watch cage-fighting.

What changes would you like to see in the WWE product?

Total retirement - they've taken all the wrestling out of wrestling.

What's the strangest or best road story you can share with our readership?

I have thousands - read my books.

What' s a few of your current projects?

Writing my 7 book autobiography.

How would you like to be remembered?



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