Talk Is Jericho: Molly Bloom Before Molly’s Game

Talk Is Jericho: Molly Bloom Before Molly’s Game


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One-time Olympic mogul ski hopeful and host of the Torched podcast, Molly Bloom, ran a high-stakes poker game at the Viper Room in Los Angeles frequented by A-list celebrities, powerful politicians, big-money investment bankers, and billionaires. When a famous actor usurped the game from her, she moved to New York and started an even bigger game. That’s where the story took a scary and dramatic turn involving the Russian mob, drugs, the FBI, a Federal takedown, a trial, and $9 million in debt. And that’s when Molly wrote a book, went back to Hollywood, connected with Aaron Sorkin, and turned her real-life story into an Oscar-nominated film. Molly shares her incredible tale and reveals how she managed to pick up the pieces, rebuild her life, and forgive herself in the process.