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Chipleader, the award winning affiliate program where you’ll find everything you need to make a lot of money NOW from two of the largest online poker sites, Absolute Poker and UltimateBet. Chipleader is specifically built and custom tailored as a ONE-stop program for everything you need as an affiliate, so you can concentrate on making money and getting paid fast from a leader in the affiliate industry.

As a ONE-stop affiliate powerhouse, Chipleader has all your marketing and promotional needs for Absolute Poker and UltimateBet. You’ll find everything from effective banners to live jackpot feeds, newsletters, and lots of great poker content from the pros. Phil Hellmuth 11 time WSOP champion, the official poker pro for UltimateBet makes sure the new players are always coming to play for real money and sexy Liv Boeree from Absolute Poker always entices every kind of poker player. Chipleader also provides you with the widest variety and hottest Poker promotions in the industry that players respond to time and time again. With the help of world-class poker celebrities and incredible player offers, Chipleader provides the highest conversion rates in online gaming so you can really cash in!




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