Current Affairs and Chequebook Journalism

Current Affairs and Chequebook Journalism

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Mediaman has extensive experience in securing current affairs coverage for clients and associates.

In some cases payment for stories has been achieved, and this act in some circles is known as chequebook journalism.

There are cases on both sides as to whether talent and agent should be remunerated for a news story.

Mediaman talent (and contacts) that has appeared on Australian current affairs programmes, and the like includes:


The Irwin's - Terri, Robert and Bindi and the environment

The Paparazzi ('Today Tonight')

Whaledreamers / Sea Shepherd / Greenpeace. Julian Lennon's Whaledreamers (Today Tonight, 60 Minutes, A Current Affair and Network Nine News)

Publicity stunts, stunt pilots

Full contact martial arts

Mind, body and spirit, health retreats

Online casinos, online betting, online gaming

Universal Peace Centre ('Sydney Weekender' and 'Getaway')


Kym Illman - Rags to Riches

Lauryn Eagle and Paris Hilton - Bondi Blonde beer

Hannah Fraser - mermaid 'A Current Affair'

Cheyenne Morrison - Buy your own island - island broker 'Today'

The Chaser, publicity stunts, shock TV


Hottest On TV - Star Wars - celebrity portal client - Channel Seven 'Today Tonight'

SlimTel - Mobile Select - Channel Nine 'ACA'

Greg Tingle, director, Mediaman - Maroubra street kids playing Jackass and Chicken with cars - Channel Nine 'ACA'

'Has comedy gone to far?' - recommended various talent via MMA contacts. Wil Smith Vs Shannon Nol - Channel Seven 'TT'

"inside The Playboy Mansion' - numerous sexy and risqué companies pitched to ACA and 60 Minutes for 3 months - Nine's ACA

Penelope Wynne - cleaning up friends junk from home - Channel Nine 'A Current Affair'

Other years

"Crocodile" Mick Pitman - alleged to have been plotting to "blow up Australian Zoo out of the water", and "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin's management advising him in way of a legal letter to stop referring to himself as a crocodile hunter (Mick Pitman's profession).

Robert T. Allen aka "The One Minute Millionaire". (Allen is not a client of ours). This man in a con artist, property spruiker and internet fraudster and spammer. Mediaman tipped off the ABC, ACCC, Department of Fair Trading and Australian current affairs programmes, 'Today Tonight' and 'A Current Affair' that Allen would be conducting "Wealth Creation Seminar" in Australia in major capital cities. In Sydney Channel Seven's 'Today Tonight" attended and Allen's "bodyguards" (thugs in suites) assaulted the Channel Seven cameraman. Allen was subsequently chased down Sydney's streets. Allen remains closely watched by both Australian authorities, the FBI and other U.S and international crime and consumer groups. His arch enemy is Neil Jenman, who has assisted Australian consumers in identifying and exposing fraudsters in property and investment.

Kym Illman (CEO of Messages On Hold), with Shane Warne (in collaboration with Markson Sparks!)

Penelope Wynne, in collaboration with Mediaman and Manly For Families, regarding Manly Council

Anestis Mantzouranis, director of AutoBabes. Introduced him to Siimon Reynolds at The Domain, in preparation for 'Dragon's Den'


Mediaman talent who appeared on current affairs programmes, and related television shows in 2005:

Greg Tingle, founder of Mediaman, media, entertainment and publicity entrepreneur - ACA - 8th August 2005

Fantasy Island - Charles Gant (former) client of Mediaman - ACA - 8th August 2005

Fantasy Island - Charles Gant (former) client of Mediaman - Channel Seven 'Today Tonight' - August 2005

Vena McGrath, author of 'Secrets, Lies & Chat' - exposed the world to the dangers of Internet chat, the danger, the sex and more - TT

Manly City Council (Penelope Wynne - Manly For Families). Manly City Council and Randwick City Council - ACA - 27th October 2005

Penelope Wynne and Manly For Families - Network Ten News - 12th October 2005

Paul Budde (Budde Comm) - Paul Budde and Greg Tingle's campaigned 'A Current Affair' to expose Telstra - 3rd October 2005

Shane Warne (Markson Sparks! client), and Kym Illman - Messages On Hold - Network Nine - 'Business Sunday' - 13th November 2005



Rozita Leoni - collaboration and appearance with SBS 'Insight'

Messages On Hold and Shane Warne - mentioned on ABC 'The Glasshouse'

Hottest On TV - mentioned on ABC 'Mondo Thingo' and feature story on Channel Seven 'Today Tonight' - August 2006

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