Fortunes of Egypt slot machine

Fortunes of Egypt slot machine



The Fortunes of Egypt progressive slot jackpot game features a wild, scatter, free spin and bonus symbol as well as some rewarding payouts on the reels. With five reels and twenty-five paylines the two hundred and fifty coin maximum bid can really create a huge personal treasure, and the coin values of one cent to one dollar mean players of all levels will have fun. While the progressive jackpot is not predictable, it will require the maximum line bet in order to payout. Those who place less than that amount will still receive jackpot rewards, but at fixed amounts.

The symbols used to create the winning combinations include the famous Cleopatra, the Pyramids of Giza, an ancient necklace, the Egyptian eye, the Sphinx, a walking Egyptian, a scroll of papyrus, the killer cobra and an Egyptian sail boat. Additionally, there is a bonus symbol which depicts a treasure chest, the jackpot symbol showing a sarcophagus, a wild symbol with a pharaoh, and the scatter symbol showing the classic scarab image.

Wild Symbol on Fortunes of Egypt

For the Fortunes of Egypt slot machine the wild symbol substitutes itself for all other symbols except the scatter, jackpot and bonus symbols. It creates a winning combination along any paylines where it appears.

Scatter Symbol on Fortunes of Egypt Slot Machine
The scatter symbol will complete a winning combination along paylines where it does not sit, and it also triggers free spins during a game of Fortunes of Egypt slots.

Free Spins Feature

A player who reveals the scatter symbol three times on the reels wins eight free spins, when they hit four of them they receive twenty free spins, and the player who has five scatter symbols appear on their screen wins one hundred free spins. All prizes won during this period of play are automatically doubled, with the exception of the jackpot and bonus points.

Bonus Game Feature
The appearance of the bonus symbol on the fifth reel adds bonus points to the player’s total count. For each coin wagered on a payline the player receives a point, for example for three coins on each payline the player would then receive seventy-five bonus points. Once they reach one thousand, the bonus game screen is triggered. This is a standard pick until pop game with the archaeological theme used. The player moves the explorer across an ancient gallery, without falling through the loose floor slabs. The farther the explorer moves the larger the prize accumulated. The player keeps earning coins until they pop through the floor and return to play.

The player who hits the progressive jackpot combination, but without the maximum wager placed, is rewarded one hundred times the wager, regardless of the number of symbols appearing. The remaining prizes are paid based on the symbol and number of times it appears on the payline. There are five symbols paying for reveals of two to five symbols along the payline, with prizes ranging from five thousand to two coins respectively. The remaining pay for three to five reveals, with a range of four hundred to eight coins respectively.



June 2009

€393,043.31 CasinoClub Jackpot is won

A CasinoClub player walked away with €393,043.31 when he won the Fortunes of Egypt Jackpot. This has been the talk of the online casino world, even more so because the player won the jackpot with a wager of just €2.50.

“There was a lot of excitement when we heard the news that the jackpot had been won,” CasinoClub’s Marc West said. “The jackpot has been building up for a while and so it came as somewhat of a surprise when it was won. But then again, it can be won at any moment – and was.”

The winning player has been identified as sunshine-muc. At this stage not that much is known about him, except that he has been a CasinoClub player since 2003.

“It’s a good story and we’re glad that a loyal player like him won it,” West added.

CasinoClub is in the midst of jackpot fever with a string of jackpots all nearing record amounts. “Aladdin’s Lamp is one of our most loved Jackpot games. After approaching the 2,000,000 Euro mark for a while, the jackpot has already climbed to an extra 30,000 over and above this milestone mark. The jackpot is going to continue to grow until someone wins it,” West said.

Besides that the Super Sevens progressive jackpot has just trickled past 550,000 Euro while Bay Patrol is edging its way to 200,000 Euro.

“As people can now see, these jackpots are real and do get won. Because of CasinoClub, there is a player whose life has been forever changed. We really do make a difference to people’s lives and make dreams come true. This just isn’t rhetoric or marketing spin, it is an accurate reflection of what actually happens.”


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