From Newport Boy To Media Man

From Newport Boy To Media Man


Give him a tingle - The Age

One of the more illuminating media websites belongs to Greg Tingle, a self-styled media entrepreneur who runs the public relations agency and news portal Media Man Australia. Tingle is clearly a man of many talents, describing himself as "a Sydney-based public and media relations consultant, celebrity property developer, publicist and promoter, TV presenter, journalist, radio broadcaster, internet author, and an all-round media entrepreneur and man of business brilliance". Is there anything he can't do? According to his online biography, Tingle's big break came when he phoned 2UE's John Laws and chatted on-air with the Golden Tonsils himself in 2000. This media man about town is also a budding author and finishing his book, Don't Bulls--- a Bulls----er - From Newport Boy to Media Man. His motto? "I say things others might think, but are afraid to say."


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