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'LIVE...from the other side' A spiritual journey into the afterlife!

Since 1988, ALAN HATFIELD has been a professional Psychic and Spiritual Medium. He has conducted thousands of Spiritual Readings throughout Canada, the United States, and the world, bringing comfort and closure to many people who were able to hear from their loved ones in Spirit! He has also spent many years of research in the field of E.V.P., (Electronic Voice Phenomena), and has a very impressive track record over the years with his dedication to offer the most substantial evidence of LIFE after DEATH.
He is indeed the true pioneer of successfully recording the Voices of Spirit on audio tape in Eastern Canada; and bringing this discovery to the attention of the News Media with his first newspaper article being featured in The Truro Weekly Record, in the summer of 1992! Alan has been requested many times in the past to investigate Haunted homes and dwellings in both Canada and the United States, and has had most of these events well documented in the News Media. He is also the only person who has ever recorded the Spirit Voices of the victims of the RMS TITANIC GRAVE, clearly onto audio tape; while under the scrutiny of all the News Media and a professional sound engineer! Over the many years of dedication to his profession, Alan has been the guest of Radio and Television Talk Shows as well, both in Canada and the United States. Since his first one-hour Television documentary 'TALES of a PSYCHIC MEDIUM,' a World-Premiere , was released by VISION TV of Toronto, Canada, Alan has been looking forward to the filming of new documentaries in 2004, which are currently engaged throughout North America and the United Kingdom. The number one mystery pondered by mankind: 'IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?' Please feel free to explore the possibilities as you view this site, as Alan has proven his sincerity, dedication, and expertise throughout a long career as a genuine Psychic and Spiritual Medium, helping to bridge the gap between our World and the World beyond.

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Since the age of five, Alan first became aware of Spiritual entities, as the first encounter with such a presence sat on his bedside, and took on the form of ‘Howdy Doody’, a puppet character of that television era. Of course, at this time, Alan recalls this experience as being frightening to him, as a child. He recalls that sometimes, ‘misty people’ would appear seemingly out of nowhere, and although he did not talk too much about these apparitions at that time, he did become accustomed to them. Alan, not surprisingly, was born in a haunted dwelling in Nova Scotia, Canada, during a snowstorm in the winter of 1949. As the years progressed, he was always aware of being somehow, connected to a Spiritual world, which would one day, offer him his soul’s path. In the meantime, he would just try his best to fit into the normal scheme of things! It was not until October, 1984, that the dawning of a new beginning was on the horizon, for it was at this point, that he had his first experience of ‘lost time’. Somehow, while driving a truck home from Toronto, Canada, a time span of 3 hours and 20 minutes could not be accounted for. He at that time was also about 22 miles, from where he last recalls of having been! To this very day, this paranormal experience has remained a perplexing mystery. Aside from this occurrence, for the next four years, life seemed to remain quite normal. Then, again in October of 1988, Alan had one of his most unusual experiences. A bright light in the sky came with me as I was driving home. This ‘light’ was somehow able to speak into his mind, no male or female gender recognized, but there was no confusion, of exactly what words were being spoken to him! This light told him that he must follow a new path now in my life, and that direction would be unfolded by ‘them’, to Alan.

At this time, he had no idea exactly what that path would be, until his first clairvoyant vision, of an auto accident, that occurred 2 weeks later! After having 3 encounters with this light in October of 1988, he was now speaking and writing fluently in unknown languages, and to this very day, he is still able to demonstrate this ability to linguists and scientists. The acquisition of how he is able to do this still baffles the skeptics. After all of these strange happenings, he became aware that his psychic abilities had finally blossomed. It was in 1988, that he resigned himself to this, becoming a Psychic-Medium full time, and as his profession led him into missing person cases and homicides, investigations of hauntings and on rare occasions, exorcising demonic entities, he has been able to offer substantial evidence, that indeed, there is Life after Death! He has demonstrated his ability to record onto audio tape, voices that are clearly not physical in origin. This having been well documented with the News Media in the past, from haunted dwellings and visits to cemeteries. His work now is for the most part, conducting Spiritual Readings, for those people who must hear a message of hope from their loved ones on the otherside. This is arranged either in person or by telephone, from all across Canada, and the United States. Having conducted thousands of Spiritual Readings throughout Canada and the U.S. since he first began, Alan is totally dedicated and sincere in helping those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, and need confirmation and closure in their lives, that their love and bonding go well beyond this physical world, and that their loved ones are very much aware of their grief and circumstances in this physical world, and do very much, want to communicate to them as well. Alan creates a ‘bridge’ for this all to become possible!

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