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Simple and fast
To play online is very simple and fast. If I feel to play just 20 minutes I can do this online. To travel to the closest land based casino to only play 20 minutes is not an option. At this online casino, I can play how long and how often I want, and it's available 24 hours per day when I am ready. In land based casinos, I often have to wait for a vacant seat. At this online casino, I can start playing at any time, when I am ready.

Free games
I can play for free and it's very entertaining. I like the option of trying the games for free before I decide to play for real money. It allows me to decide which games I prefer, and get familiar with them for as long as I wish. Land based casinos don't offer this, and they never give you free chips to play with.

Big bonuses and promotions
This online casino has terrific promotions and sign up bonuses and very generous comps. You will love the 30 minutes and $500 Free, where any winnings you have after the 30 minutes are converted into a "real-money" bonus to play. They also have the 2nd deposit bonus, where you buy $100 and get $100 Free. When there is a new promotion, they let me know right away, so I can take advantage of it immediately. I can't make the trip to the land based casino for a promotion, because the trip is too expensive and too much is involved in planning the trip. The expenses will be higher than the benefit.

Better comfort and privacy
I prefer to play online in the comfort and privacy of my home. It's so much more convenient and practical, and I can play from anywhere.
More practical to play online

I prefer to play online because it's a lot more convenient than having to visit the closest land based casino. I can play online and have the chance to win millions of dollars without leaving home. If you do not live near a land based casino, it can easily end up being an expensive and time consuming trip before you can even start playing.

Much better payouts than land based casinos
Higher payouts simply mean increased chances or winning more money. The payout percentage is much better at this online casino compared to land based casinos. It is in fact substantially higher than land based casinos. To set up and run an online casino is much cheaper than a land based casino. The obvious benefits for me are that this online casino can afford to give me much better bonuses and sign up incentives than a land based casino, and the payouts are substantially higher online.

Land based casinos have set up and operating costs that are much higher than online casinos. It's obvious that they need to pass these high expenses to the players, and they do it with much lower payouts. When playing at this online casino, I am ahead right from the start, and also when I play because the payouts are so much higher. The operating savings made by this online casino are passed on to me, the player. When I visit a land based casino, they pass on to me their high set up costs, and high operating expenses.

Makes you wonder why so many people still go to the land based casinos when they can get much better deals online.

Better payouts than other online casinos

Not every online casino is created equally. Some are better than others, and some are much better. This online casino offers excellent payouts, above the average for an online casino, and substantially higher than a land based casino. Do not settle for any online casino, it pays to stick to the best.

A lot cheaper to play online
I like to play at this online casino and it's much cheaper than travelling to the land based casino. I used to go to the land based casinos but gave up for good. The trip to the land based casino and the waste of time made me lose interest, much and I prefer to use the money I save to play online.

The trip to the land based casino can be long and expensive and I need to schedule it well in advance to waste the minimum amount of days. Before I can start playing at a land based casino, I need to take time off work, schedule the trip, pay for the travel and accommodation and food. Then there are other expenses that quickly add up, like taxis, rent a car, tips. There are always unexpected things to pay for, and once I started the trip, the meter is running against me. The time and money I waste going to the land based casino are better used online.
Playing is having fun and enjoying myself, but also making money when I win. When I play online I am automatically in front right from the start with bigger bonuses and much better payouts, and no expenses. When I go to the land based casino, I am automatically behind before I even start playing. I no longer enjoy the serious handicap of playing at a land based casino. The odds are too much against me before I even start playing. Then their much lower payouts aggravate the situation.

I am not surprised that land based casinos around the world are suffering because less people are prepared to waste their time and money visiting them.

Great games
This online casino offers a great variety of exciting and superb games, and I can easily pick up the ones I like the best. There are over 400 to choose from. They also introduce new games on a regular basis, and the choice is amazing. This online casino has regular software updates that are done automatically so it's quick and so simple. You may wonder how can they introduce so many new games so often? It cost much less to develop new games for the Internet compared to land based casinos, so online casinos can afford to produce more interesting and new games, much faster than land based casinos. This online casino has the same games I would normally play in a land based casino, so why bother with the long and expensive trip?

In land based casinos and online casinos the most popular game is the slot machine. Some people imagine that there is a benefit to play the slot machines in land based casinos because they can control them better. In reality, land based casinos and online casinos both use computers to generate the random results and payouts. The main difference is that land based slot machines offer a much lower payout rate that online casinos, so it's better to play online. If you like the feeling of pulling the lever, keep in mind that slot machines in land based casinos are connected to fake levers. Whether you pull the lever, or press the button, the results are exactly the same, it's the computer that determines the outcome.

Play the progressive slot machines
I suggest you play the progressive slot machines because they increase your chances to win big money. This online casino has terrific progressive games with big jackpots. Players love them, so the jackpots get really important very fast.

More tournaments
This online casino has more tournaments than most land based casinos. The number of tournaments in land based casinos is limited by the available space they have, but this is never a problem online.

Good reputation
It is important to know that you are dealing with people you can trust. This online casino has a great, well deserved, solid reputation.

Excellent customer service
This online casino is always available when I need to contact them. They have a very good and helpful knowledgeable team that can be contacted via toll free telephone, e-mail, live chat, or the in-game chat facility. This, 24 hours per day, each day. You can count on their professional and efficient service.

Safer financial transactions
This online casino offers the highest security for all my financial transactions, everything is properly secured by strong encryption and the best and most advanced technologies. When I win, it's also a lot more practical and safer to withdraw the money where I want it, instead of taking the risk to carry cash when leaving the land based casino.

Fully licensed
This online casino is fully licensed by a reputable jurisdiction regulated to UK and EU high standards.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options
This online casino offers a lot of good options to deposit and withdraw funds, including: eCheck , Credit and Debit Card, NETeller, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, Entropay, Moneybookers, ECOCard, WireCard, Direct Bank Transfer, UKash, PaySafeCard, EziPay, UseMyBank, Instadebit.

Safety first
this online casino takes extra precautions to ensure that players identity is safe and their privacy properly protected.

No dress code
I don't like the dress code that many land based casinos have, and don't appreciate when they abuse it by asking me to leave, or deny me access, because I am wearing the "wrong" type of clothes. I prefer to play at home and wear what I like, it's so much nicer and more comfortable.

Play without disturbances and nuisances
I love to play at home in my own privacy and comfort. I play because I like it, and enjoy the entertainment and relaxation. It's so much nicer than visiting a land based casino full of noises, smoke, flashing lights, and annoying things that distract me. I don't need things, and people moving around me when I play. I don't need the crowd, the pressure, and the cameras watching me, and recording everything I do. If I feel to hear music while playing, I put on music I like, and not music the land based casino likes.

The future
Playing on the Internet is so much better and more practical than having to visit the closest land based casino. The convenience of playing from home beats any benefit land based casinos can offer me. The Internet is the future, and its rising popularity confirms it without any possible doubt.

I used to visit the local bookstore hoping to find in stock the books I wanted to buy. Now I can simply order any books I want online without any of the aggravations too often seen with bookstores. I used to visit the local newsstand to buy printed news publications and magazines. This is history now, I only use the Internet. I get the latest news when they happen, around the clock, and not days or weeks later like with print. Online magazines are much more interesting than printed versions, and I can also search them quickly. Print publishers are in the same boat as land based casinos. The Internet has so much more to offer - These "old fashioned" businesses will find it harder and harder to survive or make a profit, unless they quickly switch to the Internet.

This online casino offers more choice and great games, and they make it so easy for me to play. I have more fun playing, the payouts are much higher than in a land based casino. I like the privacy and comfort of my own home. I also appreciate the time and money I save compared to a visit to a land based casino. To be able to play whenever I want, at home, for as long as I want, for me certainly beats the trip to the land based casino.

This online casino is very popular, and it's easy to see why because they have so much to offer to give me a great playing experience. The games are very fair, and the impressive casino software provider won more awards than any other provider. This online casino operates honestly and responsibly. Your financial transactions are safe and secure at all times, and you will get paid promptly when you win.
I can highly recommend this online casino.



Once you connect to the gaming experience that is JackpotCity.com, you’ll want to stay because its award-winning gaming experience is unlike anything else!

Its line-up of over 400 adrenalin-packed casino games makes sure that casino action stays exciting and the staggering 18 Progressive Jackpots turn up the heat when you’re in the seat! The exciting and rewarding Table Games that include Blackjack and Roulette keep even the most skilled gambler entertained.

Its incredible payout percentage (over 97%) is subjected to strict scrutiny after adopting the Interactive Gaming Council’s (IGC) code of conduct and JackpotCity.com is a fully licensed online casino and recognised by the Government of Gibraltar.

JackpotCity.com offers a full 24/7 support system including on-call support staff that are available via e-mail and telephone at any time, day or night!

So pack your bags and check that you’ve got everything you need. Once you land in JackpotCity.com there’s no turning back from the city of winners!



Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, so it's easy to see that JackpotCity's new multiplayer blackjack tournaments will be a big hit. It offers players a great game, nice player interaction and caters to all skill levels.

The tournaments consist of tables with 2, 4, or 6 decks and can 'seat' up to 7 players and the dealer. They are part of a global online network with daily freerolls and entry fees starting from as little as $1. Prize money is guaranteed by JackpotCity.com for every tournament.

JackpotCity.com is a member of Belle Rock Entertainment and offers over 300 casino, blackjack, slot and multiplayer tournaments. They offer a great '500 free' sign-up bonus.

Press Release

JackpotCity.com Blackjack Tournaments offer card counters the chance to win big!

JackpotCity.com Online Casino http://www.jackpotcity.com now offers all online casino players the chance to enjoy Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments 24/7.

Gibraltar, 23rd October 2008 - The world of online Blackjack is about to get even more exciting with the launch of JackpotCity.com’s eagerly awaited Online Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments!

These new in software games are specifically geared towards card counting and offer players the chance to compete against one another and not just the house. The Blackjack games consist of tables playing 2, 4 or 6 decks and provide the best Blackjack for beginner, intermediate and experienced players.

All JackpotCity.com Online Casino Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments are part of a global online network where Daily Freerolls, Scheduled Tournaments and Sit n’ Go Tournaments can be enjoyed. Each game is played with up to 7 players and the dealer for a total of 8 competitors with prize money for every tournament guaranteed! Non- Freeroll Tournaments have a buy-ins from $1.

JackpotCity.com Online Casino not only offers some of the internet’s best Blackjack and Slots Multiplayer Tournaments, but also provides players with over 300 top rated casino games and highly anticipated monthly promotions.

To take part in the Blackjack Multiplayer Tournaments please go to JackpotCity.com, download the free casino software, open a new casino account and go to the Tournaments section in the software.

About the Carmen Media Group

The Carmen Media Group is a global gaming and entertainment group which was incorporated in Gibraltar and formed in 2002 out of the Demmy Group of companies. Its wholly owned subsidiary Tower Rock Ltd is licensed from Gibraltar to operate casinos and multiplayer poker in the online domain.

Carmen Media owns many of the world’s oldest and most respected online gaming sites including The Gaming Club Online Casino http://www.GamingClub.com (founded 1995), Jackpot City Online Casino http://www.JackpotCity.com, River Belle Online Casino http://www.Riverbelle.com (founded 1997) and Lucky Nugget Online Casino http://www.LuckyNugget.com, as well as Cool Hand Poker http://www.CoolHandPoker.com and Jackpot City Online Bingo http://www.JackpotCityBingo.com.

Carmen Media products and online gaming brands are promoted through the industry leading gaming affiliate program ReferBack http://www.Referback.com, thereby affording our partners opportunities to market English, French, Italian, German and Spanish products.

The Carmen Media Group is incorporated and based in Gibraltar. Its products are operated by its wholly owned subsidiary Tower Rock Ltd under a license issued by the Government of Gibraltar, and all of its flagship casino brands have been awarded the eCOGRA seal of approval.

For more information on Carmen Media, please visit http://www.carmenmedia.com.



It’s the thrill of the slots, the action at the roulette tables and the sheer magic of hitting that big jackpot! Its JackpotCity.com Online Casino the place of More Jackpots, More Often!

Established in September 1998, JackpotCity.com has become a great escape for lovers of the Best Online Slots, Online Video Poker, Online Blackjack, Online Roulette, Online Baccarat, Online Craps and other online casino games.

Download our free casino software and experience the online casino action for yourself. You can choose our full download casino option and play over 400 great online casino games. Or you can choose our no-download, flash option and play without having to download any software to your PC.

Be sure to try your luck spinning the reels of our online slots! These fast, fun games include all time popular choices like Tomb Raider, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck and Hitman!

If you’re looking for online casino promotions, we’ve got those too! We reward loyal players with free credits, cash back and even free spins! Even better, we regularly run online casino promotions where you could win trips to fantastic destinations, cash, credits and other great prizes.

While all of this sounds like a lot of fun (and it is!) we also make sure that our online casino is run properly according the strictest standards. JackpotCity.com online casino is fully licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and is regulated to both UK and EU standards. To further ensure your safety, JackpotCity.com online casino has been awarded the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. This means that we payout winnings quickly, that our games are fair and that we run our online casino responsibly.

Our software has been provided by Microgaming, a world leader in online casino software solutions. We’re proud to partner with them.

If you ever need any help, please contact us. We’re here to help with any question, big or small.

JackpotCity.com online casino brings the magic of Vegas, home to you.


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