Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival

Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival

Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival, curated by film-makers Rachel Perkins and Darren Dale, showcasing the latest Indigenous films from Australia and the world, including Aaron Pederson?s My Brother Vinnie, kicks off on Friday May 12 with an opening night screening and party, followed by free screenings on Saturday and Sunday, May 12 & 13 at the Sydney Opera House Playhouse.

Feature films include the opening night film, The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, by Filipino director Kanakan Balintagos. In this funny and poignant film, gay pre-teen Maxi, born into a Manila slum, befriends a young policeman, thus undermining his devotion to his family of small-time criminals. This film will be screened on both Friday 12 May and Saturday 13 May at 8pm.

Other highlights include the world premiere of four Australian documentaries: Footprints in the Sand, by Glen Stasiuk, retraces the story of an Indigenous couple who were thought to be the last people living a traditional nomadic lifestyle in the remote Gibson Desert of central Australia during the 1960s.

My Brother Vinnie, a moving and funny portrait of two brothers, actor Aaron Pederson and his brother Vincent, who inspires all he meets.

Island Fettlers, written and directed by Kelrick Martin, tells the untold history of a small diaspora of Torres Strait Islander people and the massive contribution made to the development of a billion dollar mining industry in the harsh north west of Western Australia.

La Perouse Panthers, written and directed by Michael Longbottom, follows the La Perouse Panthers Football Club in its 2005 pilgrimage through the South Sydney Junior Rugby League competition and New South Wales Aboriginal knockout competition.


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