Money Miner

Money Miner


Fans of the Gold Rush, Old West and video slots will all love Money Miner slots from Boss Media. The game is designed in a Wild West mining theme, full of symbols, graphics and icons from the era.

The Money Miner slot machine is a progressive jackpot game, meaning that there is no set maximum amount dropped. Progressive jackpots require the player to have a wager on every available line however, so players of Money Miner slots will need to place at least one penny on all of the twenty-five paylines. With coin values ranging from one penny to one dollar the bolder players in the crowd can see some unbelievable winnings.

The maximum bid per spin is two hundred and fifty coins, and with thirty-two possible combinations the odds are stacked in a player’s favor. The combinations are created using the game’s excellently designed icons, including the old miner, pile of gems, cobweb, villain with six-shooters, bags of gold, rickety sign, mining cart, mining tools and cattle skull. The slot machine also delivers some nice extras, including a bonus feature and scatter, jackpot and free spin symbols.

Money Minor Slots Scatter Symbol

For “Money Miner” the keg of “TNT” serves as the scatter symbol, which when it appears anywhere but the active payline will work to create the winning combination. This same symbol works to give free spins as well.

Free Spins Round on Money Minor Online Slot
The keg of “TNT” also delivers twenty-five free spins to the player who reveals three to five of the symbols anywhere on the reels. Additionally, the money minor slot allows players to win further free spins in the middle of a free spin round.

Bonus Game
A player who reveals three or more jackpot symbols triggers the “Diamond Dream Jackpot” which is a wheel style game that asks the player to initiate the spin and the wheel stops at their prize.

Money Minor Slots Payout
Though most players of Money Miner slots are looking to score the progressive jackpot, the remaining prizes are pretty considerable as well. The “second” jackpot is delivered by the miner symbol, where a full reveal drops twenty-five thousand coins, four delivers two thousand five hundred coins, three brings one hundred and fifty coins and two pays ten coins.

The pile of gems symbol brings an impressive ten thousand coins for a full reveal, one thousand for four on the payline, seventy-five for three, and eight coins for two along an active payline.

The cobwebs drop two thousand five hundred coins on the full reveal, five hundred for four in a row, fifty for three and six for two. The villainous character brings one thousand on the full reveal, two hundred and fifty for four, fifty for three and four for two. The sacks of gold bring seven hundred and fifty for a full reveal, two hundred fifty for four, twenty-five for three and four for two.

The remaining icons deliver only on reveals of three to five along a payline with a range of seven hundred fifty to two hundred fifty for five symbols, one hundred fifty to one hundred for four and twenty-five to ten for three on the payline.



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