My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper

The Official Bra Boys Story: My Brothers Keeper, By Sean Doherty

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Book Description

Maroubra was a tough place to grow up. Ringed by a jail, a sewerage works, a rifle range and a housing commission estate, it was where the streets of Sydney met the beach. It was a place where the local boys surfed hard and partied harder. It was also a place where trouble easily found you. Adopted by Maroubra Beach at a young age, the four Abberton brothers, all born to different fathers and a mother in the clutches of heroin addiction, grew up at a time when the area was shadowed by drugs and gang violence. Raised largely by their grandmother, Sunny, Jai, Koby and Dakota found solace in the surf, and solidarity with their mates, the Bra Boys.

The official biography of the Abberton brothers follows their story from a turbulent upbringing on the sands of Maroubra to international surf stardom, and the fateful events of 5 August 2003, when Jai shot dead Maroubra underworld figure and childhood friend Tony Hines, only to be acquitted on the grounds of self-defence. The Official Bra Boys Story: My Brothers Keeper is raw, gritty, from the heart ... and everything you won't read about in the newspapers.

*Media Man Australia has conducted off the record and on the record interviews with Sunny Abberton and Koby Abberton


My Brother's Keeper

Angela Kamper and Charles Miranda
— The true story of a vicious killing and a powerful surf brotherhood

The story of a powerful surf brotherhood and the chilling and bloody killing of a brutal underworld figure.

A blood smear trailing along a footpath of a suburban Sydney street went largely ignored by local residents accustomed to hoaxes and bloody turf brawls in their beachside suburb. Initially police suspected it was nothing more than animal blood. But at the end of the trail, at the base of a Maroubra cliff, lay the naked body of notorious underworld figure Tony Hines, shot four times at close range. Hines was a man with a history of violence, a rape conviction and a long list of enemies.

In the months following the discovery of his body, police unearthed more than just a killing. They found a story of revenge that would shock the city and the international surfing world. Koby Abberton, one of the most recognisable surfers in the world and face of the sunglasses giant Oakley, was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder, perverting the course of justice and hindering police. His brother Jai, a popular local surfing identity, was charged with murder after his girlfriend told police an extraordinary tale of the night of the killing.

For local surf gang the Bra Boys' bad publicity is nothing new, but the arrest of two of its founders signalled something a lot deeper.

About the Author:
Angela Kamper and Charles Miranda are both senior reporters with Sydney's Daily Telegraph. They have followed this story from its very beginning.

ISBN: 9781741146035
Australian Price: $22.68
Format: Paperback - B
Number of Pages: 240
Illustrations: 8pp colour pic section
Australian Publication: August 2006
Subject Category: True Stories
Original Rights Held: ANZ


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My Brothers Keeper

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