Dick Smith

Dick Smith

Grant Dwyer, Dick Smith, Greg Tingle and Kashif Amjad

Dick Smith, well known businessman, adventurer / explorer, aviator and film-maker, was born on 18 March 1944 in Roseville.

A brief outline of his achievements is listed below:

First Trans-Tasman Balloon flight - 2000
Founded Dick Smith Foods - 1999
Chairman of the National Centenary of Federation Council - 1996-2000
Appointed as Ambassador for the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation - 1998
Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Board - 1997-1999 & 1990-1992
First non-stop balloon crossing of the Australian continent - 1993
Awarded the Lindbergh Award. An annual world-wide award given to one individual for lifetime achievement for a balance between technical advancement and environmental preservation - 1992.
Founded Australian Geographic in 1986 and returned the Australian Encyclopaedia to Australian ownership in 1987, sold to Australian-owned John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd - 1995. Now privately owned following management buy-out in 1998
First person to fly around the world via the poles in 1989 and made the first helicopter flight to the North Pole in 1987
Australian of the Year for 1986
First solo helicopter flight around the world - 1983
Founded Dick Smith Electronics 1968 (which was sold to Aussie-owned Woolworths in 1982)
Awarded Baden Powell Award in 1966 after 14 years in the scouting movement

Above the World (1996)
Solo Around the World (1992)
Our Fantastic Planet (1991)
Two Years in the Aviation Hall of Doom (1986)
The Earth Beneath Me (1983)

(Credit: Dick Smith)


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