The Baghdad Orphanage

The Baghdad Orphanage

The Forgotten Children of Baghdad

Ahmad Rustam was forced to leave Iraq in 1978 due to the nature of the Regime and how it treated its opponents. He arrived in the UK to further his education. Ahmad later met his wife in Scotland, where they settled down and had their daughter who was born in Glasgow.

Upon the collapse of the regime in April 2003, having been deprived of his homeland, Ahmad felt the need to return to Baghdad, which he did in July 2003.

A further two visits in Feb and Sept 2004, revealed the absolute need for Iraq to be helped in many ways. What was obviously the most desperate need, was to help the children of this devastated country.

The Project
After regaining possession of the family home in Baghdad, the decision was made to open its doors as a shelter for the orphaned street children of Baghdad and for Ahmad to go over to Iraq and make it happen.

Renovation work has already started on the house to get it ready for its new purpose.
Ahmad has undertaken a First Aid course in preparation, kindly subsidised by St John's Ambulance.

This is the first orphanage of its kind in Baghdad.


The Baghdad Orphanage


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