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Crown Casino News: Bert’s On His Own At TV Logies - 15th March 2010

He first hosted it in 1967 and he has been lead presenter for the past 20 years, but this year Nine’s veteran star Bert Newton is to fly solo as the host of the TV Week Logie Awards from Crown Casino. A copy of TV Week’s exclusive cover story was leaked yesterday, revealing the name of the host and also the special guests: Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle, singer-songwriter John Mayer and Aria award-winning artist Gabriella Cilmi are the headline acts. Newton, the host of 20 to 1, is always good value at the Logies as he is the master of the ad lib and he told TV Week he would only do the show unscripted. Anyway, he can’t do worse than former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen last year. (Credit: The Australian)

Media Man - Greg Tingle Analysis and Commentary

Bring on The Logies. Bert Newton is a safe bet as host, that's for sure. Nine's not gambling with this choice. Nothing like those decades of experience to see a host through the night. Bert still has the wit and edge to keep em amused. He's also in tune with the market and society, so it should be relevant. David (and James) can trust this guy not to screw it up, or screw the network. The only other guy I would trust as much would be Hugh "The Wolverine" Jackman, but he may be busy sharpening his claws, or collecting another Marvel Entertainment pay cheque. Look up WWE - WCW - TNA Wrestling for an insider track on risk management and network VS ego scenarios. No Hugh, this doesn't apply to you. It's been said power and money corrupt... The event may be held in a world class casino, but with Bert fronting things and News Limited's The Oz on the trail, this event should be squeaky clean. Drunk footballers and mugs, do us all a favor and stay away, or JP's army may have to bring out the plastic handcuffs! Could be some real life "Underbelly" action coming up too. Media Man books are full, so no phone calls or emails please... try Max at Markson Sparks! or Harry M at you know where. My spies tell me the likes of Betfair, BetUS, Centrebet and PartyBets may be taking bets on a range of potential happenings leading up to and during the festivities. If you want the real inside track you may have to check out the Casino News Media site (as I don't think media embedded ala Bush War On Terrorism, TV Week, is going to let the cat out of the bag). As always, bet with your head, not over it, and for God's sake, keep it fun. Network Nine, you've hit the jackpot again.

PS: Crown Limited has a plan to initially employ 75 Indigenous Australians, and as part of Generation One, the ultimate goal of the business network is for 75,000 sustainable positions. It will be interesting to see if any new recruits are on duty come the big show, and if so, just what ratbags may keep them busy. Paps, keep those cameras ready, ya never know who will provide the next bingle or wardrobe malfunction. Oh, let Bert vote for himself.

Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

Media Man owns shares in Crown Limited

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TV WEEK is a weekly television magazine in Australia, first published as a Melbourne-only publication in 1957 (as TV-Radio WEEK) and bearing a strong affiliation to television station GTV-9.


In 1958, the title was shortened to TV WEEK and circulation expanded to Sydney, then the only other TV market in Australia.

At the close of 1958, Melbourne readers of TV WEEK were invited to vote for their favourite TV personalities and programs. Graham Kennedy and Panda Lisner from GTV-9's In Melbourne Tonight were voted Melbourne's most popular TV personalities. Kennedy then named the awards the Logies, after the inventor of television, John Logie Baird. (Although Philo T. Farnsworth is actually the man who invented television as we now know it.)

TV WEEK expanded publication as television launched in other capital cities and regional areas across Australia.

1959, TV WEEK had a competitor, TV Times, published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

1980, TV WEEK merged with rival publications TV Times and the Australian version of TV Guide. The revamped publication continued to be known as TV WEEK and was now a joint venture between Kerry Packer's Australian Consolidated Press (who had bought out the former TV Times from the ABC) and Southdown Press (later Pacific Publications), with the latter publishing the magazine on behalf of both parties.

2002, Packer effectively bought TV WEEK out of the joint venture. A legal battle over the custody of the magazines Logie Awards followed as both Australian Consolidated Press and Pacific Publications claimed ownership. Pacific wanted to use the Logies to promote their new rival TV listing What's On Weekly. Packer won the battle and the Logies stayed connected to TV WEEK.


Gold Rush - Who will you vote for in the 2007 TV WEEK Logies?

Yes, it's that time of the year again — time for you to decide who deserves Australian TV's biggest honour, a TV WEEK Logie Award!

Last year, it was 10th time lucky for Blue Heelers' John Wood, who won the Gold Logie after being nominated every year since 1997. His name was only engraved on the trophy that night, following the five-week Race For Gold, in which the public voted via phone and SMS for their favourite of eight stars.

In 2007, the Race For Gold is on again. Will much-loved variety-show host Rove McManus step back on stage to take the trophy for a fourth time? Will Kate Ritchie be rewarded for her years of loyal service to Home And Away? Or will a new contender emerge from the ranks of up-and-comers, like Natalie Blair, Chris Vance or Jules Lund? It's all up to you!

In recognition of the way TV is changing, a new Logie will be awarded this year — for Most Outstanding Factual Series. This means that some of our most popular new shows — such as those which follow the real-life work of police, doctors and customs officers — will be judged by an industry panel, and one will be recognised for its outstanding contribution



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