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Hope found in whale dreamtime, by Greg Tingle - October 2008
(The Bondi View)

I found Whaledreamers to be a powerful, thought provoking and relevant film.

Featuring Julian Lennon, Jack Thompson and Bunna Lawrie, its indigenous and environmental messages were presented without hype and without preaching. And there were just enough celebrities to give the film mainstream appeal.

Directed by Kim Kindersley, Whaledreamers explores the intricate connections that link humans to nature, themes that permeate indigenous thinking and spirituality. Everything and everyone is connected.

Just as people communicate with their pets, Whaledreamers makes the case that some indigenous people have the power to communicate with whales.

The film is not a technical masterpiece but it does deliver a powerful message: we really need to listen to the traditional caretakers of this land. While it is not a sermon, the film invites the viewer to consider whether the Mirning tribe and the whales could teach us a thing or two about living on this planet.

The highlight of the film for me was when the elders called out to the whales, and they emerged from the ocean.

In an age of environmental degradation and threats posed by climate change, the film offers hope, and the world owes Lennon and Kindersley gratitude for this magnificent effort.

See this film. It just might change your perspective.

Whaledreamers headlines the Greenfest Film Festival in Brisbane from October 10 - 12.

For more information go to www.whaledreamers.com


Whaledreamers to appear at Greenfest, Brisbane, Australia - October 2008


Whaledreamers – Calling All Who Care for the Planet
(courtesy Positive News UK)

Whaledreamers, a Julian Lennon production, winner of 8 international awards at film festivals around the world, was shown at a special preview screening at Millers Academy, Notting Hill, London, prior to its UK release later this year.

The film is a personal odyssey for director, Kim Kindersley, who explained that the film was over 10 years in the making. With breathtaking cinematography, the story follows the Aboriginal tribe of the Mirning on a powerful journey, assisted by indigenous elders from around the world, to reconnect with their Sacred Earth and their spirit animals, the whales.

A truly thought provoking film with a deep message of peace and transformation, it is a rallying call for humanity to widen its circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and the Earth itself. In one of the many powerful moments Julian Lennon is presented by the Tribal Elders with a white feather. It is revealed that his father, John Lennon, said to him, shortly before he died: “'If anything ever happens to me look for a white feather and you'll now I'm there, looking out for you.”

The film had a strong emotional effect on the audience calling us to action. Over 125 global climate awareness websites have reported contact and commitment from those who have seen the film at previews around the world.
Caroline Whittle, POSITIVE NEWS UK

"A Must See film for all those who care about this planet… truly touched my core… wonderful… heartfelt… a powerful portrayal of how the events of September 11, global warming and… the ensuing war on terror are destroying us… [and] how powerful we are in making a difference"
Judy Garrecht, LIVING NOW Magazine
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"Mysteries at work in our untapped senses… thoughtful… one that anyone with an interest in the environment and a strong respect for the balance of nature should consider… deep and gentle…"
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"Winner Best Film... A standing ovation greeted the jury's decision... Great joy... high reverence... true energy... a must see."
Rosana Golden, Founder - Monaco International Film Festival

"It is quite simple... this film needs to be seen... it needs to be experienced. I watched people cry, applaud, look dazed, be overwhelmed and some completely inspired... A roller-coaster journey with distinct messages about the plight of Earth and humanity. Fortunately it also offers hope... and not in Hollywood-style... but with clarity and heart."
ABC RADIO, NSW Australia

"The film sent chills through the audience and shook them to their roots. We were honoured to begin our festival with such a powerful call from aboriginal elders to remember who we are, where we come from, what's going on and where we need to go. The producers of the film sent this powerful message with superb writing, directing and cinematography. And the music is to die for. Toronto LOVED the film!"
-Johanna Kern, Executive and Artistic Director
Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival - Toronto

"Be inspired. Don't miss out on this inspiring documentary that brings about a timely message of hope and opens our eyes... rich narrative… breathtaking images of the whale and dolphins... viewers are granted special access to the unique gathering that took place on that cliff-top… and are reminded of what it means for people to reconnect with their culture, the natural world and each other."
ABC TV Sydney




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