Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins is one of Australia's most popular and charismatic television celebrities.

A brilliant presenter, and public speaker, Richard has a diverse range of skills which span well beyond his role at Network Nine's 'Today' show.


Richard Wilkins bio (credit: Channel Nine 'Today')

Richard is Today's entertainment reporter. Each morning he presents features and interviews from right across the world of showbiz. He’s interviewed the cream of the international entertainment industry - from Madonna to The Rolling Stones, and from Andrea Bocelli to Nigel Kennedy.
Richard came to Nine to present MTV, which set a new benchmark for music television in Australia.

While he steered MTV through its six year run and made guest appearances on MTV U.S. and MTV Europe, his career expanded in other directions with magazine columns, syndicated radio shows, TV specials and exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the world.

Before his media career , Richard was a teacher’s college gradute in New Zealand, majoring in English and Music, and it was the music side that took over.

From an early age a promising career as a classical violinist was dashed when his trained ear first heard the strains of the Beatles’ Love Me Do. Richard Wilkins (or Richard Wilde, as he was then known) became one of New Zealand’s top pop stars and Polygram signed him to a world-wide deal.

In 1980, he brought his band Wilde And Reckless to Australia and released some singles and a six track EP and toured with Grace Jones.

Richard left the music stage to work behind the scenes as Promotions and Marketing Manager for Sydney radio stations 2-DayFM and 2UW, and then he moved to television at Nine.

But it’s not all work for Richard. He’s a tireless supporter of numerous charities including the Starlight Foundation and Spastic Centres . He was awarded the Variety Club’s Ricky May Heart of Variety Award for his continuing support of humanitarian causes. He's also a keen environmentalist and a proud father.

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