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WWE NEWS: Rock responds to Punk, promotes Rumble PPV match

Friday on Twitter, "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson responded to C.M. Punk's recent derogatory comments in his heel TV promos. Rock hyped the expected Royal Rumble PPV main event of Punk vs. Rock for the WWE Title and tweeted a picture of him working out in the gym while wearing a Punk t-shirt with cut-off sleeves.

"@WWE Champion @CMPunk I know where to find you Phillip. And I will.. #Rumble2013," Rock tweeted. Rock's work-out photo is below at this link - .

The Rock


Who should WWE Champion CM Punk choose to face at Hell in a Cell: John Cena or Ryback? - 9th October 2012 (Credit: WWE)

John Cena CM Punk

Behind one cage door is John Cena — a 10-time WWE Champion, a veteran of this unforgiving match who will do whatever it takes to reclaim the coveted title he hasn’t held in more than a year.

Behind the other cage door is Ryback — a snarling, ferocious beast who has devoured every Superstar in his path and just keeps demanding to be fed more and more.

Which Hell in a Cell would you choose to step inside?

That is the unenviable decision that CM Punk now faces after Mr. McMahon issued an ultimatum to the WWE Champion at the close of Monday night's Raw. For Punk, it comes down to picking between the devil he knows or the devil he doesn't have the slightest clue about. On the surface alone, it seems like the choice should be Cena, especially considering his recovery from elbow surgery. But if you look closer, you'll realize that it's not all that simple for The Straight Edge Superstar. is here to examine the pros and cons of both options Punk has to choose from as Hell in a Cell looms just weeks away. Which opponent he selects might make all the difference between extending his impressive WWE Title reign and losing the grip on his championship gold completely ...

Even if you believe that Cena will be fully recovered from elbow surgery in time for Hell in a Cell — and there's a good chance he won't be — history indicates that this match could work in the WWE Champion's favor. Punk and Cena have gone head-to-head more than 10 times dating back to 2009, but it's Punk who has come out on the winning end of two of their most important clashes for the WWE Title.

In 2011, The Straight Edge Superstar defeated Cena at Money in the Bank and took him down again one month later at SummerSlam. Punk even knows how Cena typically operates inside the confines of Hell in a Cell, having battled him and Alberto Del Rio in a Triple Threat Match at Hell in a Cell 2011. With a devious mastermind like Paul Heyman giving Punk advice from outside the Cell, conquering Cena might even be easier than those past showdowns.

It's also apparent what Cena wants: the WWE Championship. Ryback, on the other hand, might not care about the title more than he cares about the destruction of his opponents. Is Punk ready to be trapped inside a steel structure with an unpredictable wrecking machine? Yeah, facing Cena definitely feels like the much safer alternative.

For several weeks, Punk has been clamoring for respect ad nauseam. He's tried to demand it with his words and even beat it out of WWE Legends like Bret "Hit Man" Hart and Mick Foley. But if Punk really wants to prove himself worthy of everyone's respect, how about accomplishing something no other Superstar has been remotely able to do? Yes, we're talking about being the first to defeat Ryback.

Getting inside Hell in a Cell with the 6-foot-3, nearly 300-pound juggernaut is a ridiculously scary proposition, but if Punk could break Ryback's food chain, he'd have a victory that would silence the doubters and possibly make his WWE Championship reign be viewed as one of the very best of all time. There may not ever be a greater proving ground match for The Straight Edge Superstar than the one that stands in front of him right now.

Simply put, Ryback could be the Andre the Giant to Punk's Hulk Hogan. (Credit: WWE)

On June 27, 2011, CM Punk forever altered the course of WWE history with a blistering rant, proclaiming, 'Day in and day out for almost six years I have proven to everybody in the world that I am the best on this microphone, in that ring, even on commentary. Nobody can touch me!' Since riding into the scene as an extra in John Cena's entrance at WrestleMania 22 to defending the WWE Title in main events all over the world in recent years, the Voice of the Voiceless has backed up that statement. Now, WWE fans get an unprecedented look inside the life and career of the most controversial Superstar of this generation. The first-ever documentary to focus on CM Punk traces his rise to the top of WWE, from his early success on ECW, his divisive perpetuating of the Straight Edge subculture, to becoming internationally revered as the best wrestler in the world, and all the five star matches and verbal pipe bombs in between.


THQ holds 'WWE '13' press event in New York City - 9th October 2012

NEW YORK — With the release of "WWE '13" just weeks away, THQ held an exclusive press event at Skylight West Studios in Manhattan, N.Y., to announce new details about the highly anticipated video game. On hand for the festivities were WWE Legend Mick Foley, Raw General Manager AJ Lee and Paul Heyman.

Also present were THQ President Jason Rubin and Creative Director of WWE Games, Cory Ledesma, who kicked off the event with a 40-minute presentation to the numerous press outlets in attendance. In addition to showing off even more in-game features of the previously announced Attitude Era single-player campaign mode, Ledesma revealed that Paul Heyman had a big hand in bringing back that most beloved of times to gaming consoles.

"We went to Paul Heyman to provide some creative direction on the storylines that are taking place in the Universe mode experience," Ledesma told "We relied on Heyman heavily. It’s almost like he executive produced the Universe mode." Heyman’s involvement as the writer of the Attitude Era campaign suited the creative force behind ECW well. "I have a certain kinship with fans of that era," Heyman said, "So I got a chance to relive the Attitude Era and update it into the Universe mode for this game."

Since there's now an entire generation of WWE Universe members who were not old enough to remember the Attitude Era, Heyman says, " 'WWE '13' presents a double opportunity. For fans of the Attitude Era, this is a dream come true." Heyman added, "For fans that have never been exposed to the Attitude Era, they’re about to get their first taste of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, The Rock, The Brothers of Destruction, DX and Mankind. This is a great way to introduce these [Superstars] to the new generation of the WWE Universe."

Heyman's involvement behind the scenes wasn't the only major announcement that THQ had in store, however.

At the New York City press event, THQ also unveiled Mankind’s chapter in the Attitude Era campaign. Mankind’s Attitude Era journey joins the storylines of D-Generation X, Austin 3:16, The Brothers of Destruction, The Great One and WrestleMania XV in the revolutionary single-player campaign. Talking about what it means to be featured so prominently in the game, Mick Foley said, "As a dad, nothing refutes my youngest [child’s] claim that I was a 'stinky' wrestler."

Mankind was undoubtedly a huge part of what made the Attitude Era so special to so many fans. The sight of The Undertaker standing atop Hell in a Cell as Mankind lie amid shattered pieces of the announce table is one that is forever emblazoned in WWE lore. AJ Lee talked about Foley's impact, saying, "Mankind is such a huge part of the Attitude Era. I think everyone wants to play the Hell in a Cell moment." Speaking of younger WWE Universe members, AJ added, "They may know Mankind as Mick Foley, but now they can see a side of him they’ve never seen."

While Foley’s inclusion in "WWE '13" may not come as a surprise to members of the WWE Universe, The Hardcore Legend himself was taken aback by the honor of playing such a major role in the game.

"I cannot tell you how excited I am!" Foley said through his trademark smile. "This experience keeps escalating — I went from knowing I was going to be part of ['WWE '13'] and honestly being very thankful for that opportunity, to finding out that I would be voicing over the Three Faces of Foley and that I would be a focus of this game." During the extensive voice over process, Foley was able to relive some of his greatest WWE moments.

THQ has gone to great pains to ensure that those moments were faithfully recreated. Cory Ledesma said, "Fans really care about the roster, the entrances. We spent a lot of time making sure they looked authentic, and we’re really proud of that." When asked about the extreme measures taken by THQ to accurately represent every facet of that era, Foley added, "They even have the rip in the tights that showed the singlet underneath. The attention to detail is just stunning."

In addition to Mankind’s storyline, THQ announced that the "Off Script" mode will allow gamers to play through other major moments of the Attitude Era, such as Chris Jericho’s Monday Night Raw debut and the first episode of SmackDown.

Foley perfectly summed up the intent of THQ’s latest offering, saying, "My big speech to CM Punk [on the Sept. 24 episode of Raw] was about great moments, and 'WWE '13' is recapturing the great moments of the Attitude Era."

And, since "WWE '13" is all about moments, perhaps the best moment of the day came when AJ Lee had a chance to sit down and play the game for the first time — something she told she wouldn’t do until her DLC character became available. Thanks to some tinkering on the part of THQ, though, the Raw GM was able to play as herself. Her opponent? Stephanie McMahon!

AJ, who is an avid gamer, did her best Joey Styles impersonation, yelling, "Oh, my God!" as she watched her character’s video game entrance play out. A clearly thrilled AJ went on to defeat Stephanie in a (virtual) match, and to make a prediction about next year’s THQ Challenge, saying she hopes to repeat her win from last year, this time playing as herself.

Before the day’s events wrapped up, though, Paul Heyman made a guarantee of his own. "My kids are really big gamers, and for me they are the ultimate test audience," he told "They tell me which games are cool, and which ones aren’t, and they really love this game. They really, truly dig this game, so I can, with great confidence state, that 'WWE '13' is a cool game."


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