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Mediaman’s online shop is now open. If you would like to promote your media related services or products on our website, contact us at:

Should you contact any of the authors or companies listed on our website, we would appreciate you advising them of how you came across their book, which is via this website, MediaMan, of course. This may increase your chances of getting a better deal, but we can not promise this.

Mediaman also offers author and book representation.

The books, authors and e-newsletters mentioned here, are carefully selected for their credibility, quality and value for money.

Books - Authors

Derryn Hinch

Derryn Hinch has published 7 books, including “That’s Life” and “Death at Newport”. Read the review of 'That's Life'.

Derryn Hinch once arrogantly said “ I don’t read books. If I had time to read one then I’d have time to write one”. Not quite true. He reads a lot and writes a lot. Fiction, faction, autobiography and whimsy. Details on how to purchase his books are available through this website.

Click here for the full range:

Kym Illman

Founder of Messages On Hold. Kym Illman understands real customer service. Read his 'The Future Is Customer Service' Profile

Vena McGrath

Vena has written an amazing and revealing book, 'Secrets, Lies & Chat', based on her years of experience in chat rooms. Don't enter an Internet chat room before reading this book! Profile - Review - Website

Keith F. Adams

The original "Crocodile Hunter". Adams is know around the world as 'Crocodile Safari Man'. Adams is the original Bush Tucker Man. He traveled across Australia, surviving the Outback, and wrote and filmed his adventures for others. Profile - Review *order from MediaMan for a discount.

Billy Wiz

Billy Wiz is a legendary Australian D.J. and caricaturist, and now author. Watch out for "Art On The Edge" A Decade Of Decadence! Billy also does caricatures. Contact us if your interested in getting yours done!

Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin is a guru when it comes to wrestling media in the United States. Ric has pretty much done it all in the wrestling and entertainment business, and he has now released So, You want to be a wrestling promoter? It's a must read for fans and no fans. More information contact Ric Drasin via his official website or Contact us

Scott Balson

Scott Balson is one of Australia's most controversial media figures and authors, due in part to his Murder by Media, Enemy of the State and Inside One Nation. Such impact did Murder by Media have,it was barred from most Australian booksellers. It is available online at

Ash Long

Ash Long is one of Australia's most controversial media figures. Ash publishes the weekly media e-newsletter, Media Flash and authored the tell-all book of Australian media, "Long Shots". For more information contact

Kevin Perkins

Kevin Perkins is one of Australia's most respected journalists. Kevin released the life story of "Big" Tim Bristow in October 2003. Read our Tim Bristow tribute.

Chris Masters

Chris Masters is indeed a master of investigative journalism. Chris is the senior journalist at the ABC's Four Corners. Master's most revealing book to date is Not For Publication, which documents stories which never went to air for legal, ethical or technical reasons. Examine

John Laws

The name John Laws has been associated with excellence in broadcasting and writing for decades. John has authored best-seller books such as John Laws Limited Edition, John Laws Book of Irreverent Logic, John Laws Book of Uncommon Sense and John Laws's Barbecue Book.

Steve A'Hearn

Steve A'Hearn is the founder of Australia's and the author of Making Radio. Steve is the Head of the Radio section of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Stuart Littlemore

Stuart Littlemore, journalist and documentary maker, is the author of the best seller, The Media and Me, that was published by ABC Books in 1986. Littlemore is probably best known for his writing and presentation of the ABC TV programs ‘Media Watch’ for nine years from 1989 to 1998 and ‘Littlemore’ in 2001.

John Little

John Little is a reporter and current affairs producer. Little is best known for his 9 years with the award winning 60 Minutes. In 1994 he wrote Inside 60 Minutes: The story behind the stories.

Quentin Dempster

Quentin Dempster is a former director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and the author of Death Struggle, which is an account of more than a decade of boardroom intrigue and political powerplay at Australia's national independent media institution.

Tim Bowden

Tim is one of Australian's most respected media figures. He is the author of a number of books:
One Crowded Hour - Neil Davis, Combat Cameraman, Changi Photographer - George Aspinall's Record of Captivity, The Way My Father Tells It - The Story of an Australian Life, and Antarctica and Back in Sixty Days, The Silence Calling - Australians in Antarctica 1947 - 1997 and Penelope Goes West - On the Road from Sydney to Margaret River and Back, and Penelope Bugles to Broome, the second in a series of travel adventure books set in outback Australia.
Bowden received an Order of Australia for services to public broadcasting in June 1994.

Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams is undoubtedly one of Australia's most controversial and successful media figures and film makers. Adams is an established author with titles such as The Unspeakable Adams, Adams Versus God, Talkback, Retreat From Tolerance and A Billion Voices. A selection of Adam's writings are available at The Australian and he can be heard on Radio National

Max Markson

Always in the media spotlight, Max has written, Show Me The Money! A guide to fame, fortune and business success, by Australia's agent to the stars. Read Media Man's promo piece!

Bessie Bardot & Geoff Barker

Icons in the Australian entertainment and modeling business. They have written a fascinating book with the warts and all story of the Australian modeling business. Visit the Bessie Bardot official website Geoff Barker has written "What's On A Man's Mind'. Visit Geoff's official website.

Dennis Hemphill and Caroline Symons

Leading Australian authorities on human behavior, recreation and performance. The have collaborated to write Gender, Sexuality and Sport - A Dangerous Max. Published by Walla Walla Press

Mr Fire Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale is one of the world's greatest marketing masterminds. Visit his website today. Profile. His book helped me, just when I needed it the most (Greg Tingle, director, MediaMan)

Danny Schechter : Embedded: Weapons Of Mass Deception

Book Review (courtesy of for educational use, and to supplement our interview with Danny.

There were two wars going on in Iraq – one was fought with armies of soldiers, bombs and fearsome military force. The other was fought alongside it with cameras, satellites, armies of journalists and propaganda techniques. One war was rationalized as an effort to find and disarm WMDs – Weapons of Mass Destruction; the other was carried out by even more powerful WMD’s, Weapons of Mass Deception. Read the full review.

Val Haydon - The Glamour Job - profile - website

Jenny Cartwright - Don't Get Hung Up - profile - website

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