Website review:

Website review:

RadioInfo: The most information rich radio website in the land, by Greg Tingle

The RadioInfo website is arguably Australia’s most impressive and compressive online representation of the radio broadcasting industry. combines the right mix of current and historically important news and information pertinent to Australian radio.

In addition, the website offers functionality, interactivity, and usability to cater for both the movers and shakers, who “live and breath” radio, and industry newbies in Australian radio broadcasting.  Heck, even a “punter” looking for some information on Australian radio, would be able to tune in to the information they require here.

The sharp, well laid out format is an inviting home for Australia’s foremost online authority on radio broadcasting.

The website is as functional, as it is informative, with its recognizable, beaming red, white and black logo, and the smartly displayed news grabs.

As you enter and explore the site, you are warmly invited, firstly by your name appearing, (after first registering), and by the news headlines for the week. At a glace you are swiftly informed as to the lasted goings on in the business.

RadioInfo sends out e-mail newsletters to their database, utilising the information they have garnered from you, the user.

Who can resist the urge to participate in the online forums, and the sharing of information like; “who helped you up the ladder” or, if you’re getting itchy feet, or have just been fired, check out the latest job openings. Perhaps you’re a bit of a “sticky beak”?  You’ll want to examine the “latest movements” section to see where your old workmate has disappeared.

Are you a radio “jock” who left your newspaper at home?  Are you scrounging around the studio for sometime interesting, weird or funny to tell your loyal listeners’?  Look no further than “Show Prep”.  Jocks will also be relieved to find technical information on the RCS “Selector”, just in case you’ve left your brain (and you manual) at home.  Perhaps it’s time you brushed up your skills.  Then scroll through the radio training directory.

I can tell you from personal experience that RadioInfo does respond promptly to their visitors’ correspondence via the website. This important feature reinforces the bond that exists by those in the radio industry.

A smorgasbord of news and information is also offered; including the all important, sacrosanct Nielsen Radio Ratings.

There has long been a need by members of the Australian radio industry to be able to access online information relevant to them, and this website offers the ideal solution.

Overall, the RadioInfo website combines the definitive blend of industry news, information, interactivity and fun for industry insiders, commercial users and private individuals.

RadioInfo, number 1 in Australia for Radio information on the web!