A Google search begins for a new leader

A Google search begins for a new leader - March 2016

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The departure of Google Australian managing director...

LinkedIn.com discussion

(The Australian Financial Review)


Greg Tingle comment:

I largely agree with Stan that the right person would do well to understand and be across both technology, ideas, and business as a whole. Strong sales background also helps, but I don't think the right person needs to be either a sales gun, tech head, or even a bean counter. Just a well rounded person who is exceptional, and by default they will be excellent in a number of areas that the Big G required. Oh, some good grasp on the media biz will also assist, as Google has been, and will continue to be under the news media spotlight for a long time to come. The ideal candidate would also do well to have a thick skin and a wicked sense of humour. Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this.