About BetLiner 0% commission Sports Betting Exchange

About BetLiner 0% commission Sports Betting Exchange

BetLiner online sport betting exchange is part of the BetCruise gaming portal, licensed by the government of the Netherland Antilles. The Betting Exchange uses software developed by Gamesys N.V. in cooperation with an international assortment of companies.

The Betting Exchange gives players the opportunity to make bets between one another on individual or team sporting events, acting as either the bookmaker or bettor. Players can determine their own odds while offering bets to other players.

Or players can browse offers to find the best odds to accept a bet. The sum of all concluded bets must equal 100 euros. The number of bets that a player offers or accepts is unlimited.

Betliner online sport betting exchange was created for players that place a high value on a simple and advantageous betting system. Unlike other exchanges, our online Betting Exchange doesn’t take a commission on each bet. Winnings are always paid out timely. Our 0% commission promotion is a huge advantage over all other online bookmakers or exchanges that take a percentage from each of your hard-earned winnings.

The new modern interface on our online Betting Exchange allows you to place bets easily, as well as monitoring the amount of available cash, outstanding offers and concluded bets. The Betting Exchange lets players view the best offers or a player can choose to view all offers. And our dependable billing system lets you safely keep any sum in your playing account.

The Betting Exchange offers players a 24/7 customer service center that can be reached via phone or email. All telephone conversations between the player and the Exchange are recorded for security purposes and to improve customer service.

Sports federations and associations are responsible for confirming results of a competition. The Betting Exchange relies on results as the basis for determining winning bets and paying out winnings to players.

You can find out more about BetLiner online sport betting exchange on our site www.betliner.com