Another Achievement for Andrew G. Stephanies McIntosh Stays On Top


Andrew G has fast become one of the most popular faces on Australian TV, both as one of the Australian Idol hosts and presenter on Channel V. Along with his Cleo Batchelor of the Year Award that he collected in 2004, G now adds December Hottest on TV to his list of accomplishments. G now becomes the third male to take a monthly title since the Official Rankings began in late August 2004 (following Rove McManus in Sept & Oct, and Wil Anderson in Nov). G hasn’t ranked anywhere lower than fourth in any given month so it seemed inevitable that he would eventually reach the top of the list. Also in his favour is that he continues to appear on our screens during the summer “non-ratings” period appearing on Channel V and Network Ten throughout December.

But for the females, it mattered little to the Australian public that the season of Neighbours finished some weeks ago as they voted Stephanie McIntosh the Hottest female on TV for the second month running. This multi-talented Neighbours star entrenched herself at the top of the list to be officially recognised as the Hottest female on Australia TV at the end of 2004. McIntosh was just able to hold out Sandra Sully who ironically she beat to the number one spot for the first time in November after Sully was voted Hottest in the first two monthly surveys.

Apart from Sully, it’s Neighbours and Home and Away talent that fill the remaining top 5 spots among the females in December. Bridget Neval has proven to be one of the best new talents of 2004. The Wicked Science and Neighbours star rose from 7th in November to 3rd in December. 4th and 5th were fill by Isabel Lucas and Rebecca Cartwright. Lucas is proving to be a consistently popular celebrity, having not been ranked below 4th since Hottest on TV’s inception.

Just missing out on a spot in the Top 5 was another rising star, Channel 7’s Anna Coren. The host of Today Tonight Summer Edition and Australia’s Brainiest Kid has proven her popularity as she rose from 61st in November, to 6th in the December period in which she’s been given a chance to flourish.

Another rising star is Home and Away’s Chris Hemsworth who rose to finish in 2nd place behind Andrew G. Hemsworth has been a steady improver in the Official Rankings over recent months. Andrew G’s regular on-air partner, James Mathison also remains around the mark with a December ranking of 3rd. Rounding out the Top 5 were previous Hottest on TV’s Wil Anderson (4th) and Rove McManus (5th).

Sports Tonight presenter Ryan Phelan also enjoyed a busy month in front of the camera as he rose to 7th after a November ranking of 19th.

The Top 20 Male and Females voted Hottest on TV for December 2004 are:


1. Andrew G (Australia Idol/Channel V)10/V

2. Chris Hemsworth (Home and Away)7

3. James Mathison (Australian Idol/Channel V)10/V

4. Wil Anderson (The Glasshouse)ABC

5. Rove McManus (Rove Live)10

6. Mike Goldman (Big Brother Up Late)10

7. Ryan Phelan (Sports Tonight)10

8. Aaron Jeffery (McLeod’s Daughters)9

9. Ditch Davey (Blue Heelers)9

10. Grant Denyer (Sunrise)7

11. Jason Smith (Home and Away)7

12. Paul McDermott (Strictly Dancing)ABC

13. Nathan Foley (Hi 5)9

14. Glenn Robbins (The Panel/Kath & Kim)10/ABC

15. Blair McDonough (Neighbours)10

16. Wil Traval (All Saints)7

17. Myles Pollard (McLeod’s Daughters)9

18. Steven Gates (Skithouse)10

19. Mark Furze (Home and Away)7

20. Ben Nicholas (Neighbours)10


1. Stephanie McIntosh (Neighbours)10

2. Sandra Sully (Ten News)10

3. Bridget Neval (Neighbours/Wicked Science)10

4. Isabel Lucas (Home and Away)7

5. Rebecca Cartwright (Home and Away)7

6. Anna Coren (Today Tonight/Australia’s Brainiest Kid)7

7. Melissa Doyle (Sunrise)7

8. Corinne Grant (Rove Live/Skithouse/The Glasshouse)10/ABC

9. Simone McAullay (Blue Heelers)7

10. Bridie Carter (McLeod’s Daughters)9

11. Carla Bonner (Neighbours)10

12. Ada Nicodemou (Home and Away)7

13. Christie Hayes (Home and Away)7

14. Natalie Barr (Sunrise)7

15. Alexandra Davies (All Saints)7

16. Gretel Killeen (Big Brother)10

17. Amanda Keller (Mondo Thingo)ABC

18. Rachel Carpani (McLeod’s Daughters)9

19. Kathleen De Leon (Hi 5)9

20. Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Neighbours)10

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But voting doesn’t stop there. The January 2005 voting period has now begun and all celebrities will again have the chance to rise up or possibly slide down the list. During the summer period we’re seeing some new faces rise and fall among the Official Rankings. So lodge your January votes then check in again at the end of the month for when Hottest on TV Official Rankings month #5 results become available.

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