Arnold Schwarzengger connection with Maroubra Beach via local sports legend Lenny Hall

Arnold Schwarzenegger connection with Maroubra Beach via local sports legend Lenny Hall - 12th February 2015


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Photograph of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lenny Hall, proudly displayed at Marini Cafe


We had walked past Marini Cafe hundreds of times, and had even visited Marini dozens of times over the years, but had never noticed the Arnold photo on the wall - until today... amazing what you will find when you open your eyes, and are on the lookout for news and opportunities.

Cafe staff and owner, Shahid, was quick to pounce on us, as we were about to walk out, on our way to his neighboring cafe friend, Tower, who owns and operates Beach View Cafe.

Shahid explained that it was some 30 years ago that Mr Schwarzengger himself had visited in person and even posed for a photograph with local legend Lenny Hall (see photo).

This was likely in or around 1980 when Arnold had been in Sydney for Mr Olympia, an event he competed in and won in alleged controversial fashion at the Sydney Opera House. Many has stated that Arnold shouldn't have won that event, but knew how to work the politics and political machine - perhaps this is true, as fast forward to the 2003 California Recall Election, and Arnold won that also, with a brilliant political machine backing him all the way.

At the time of writing we don't know many details of local Maroubra Beach boy, Lenny Hall, however we expect that to chance in the coming weeks, as we speak to more locals, and ideally will eventually meet Mr Hall himself.

Is there no bounds to the impact Schwarzenegger has had on the world, be it in bodybuilding, politics or "people power".

Stay tuned to Media Man as we hunt down more details of these legendary figures.

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Marini Cafe owner and chef, Shahid


Media Man founder and media agent, Greg Tingle, on the beat, with Shahid



Marini Cafe, Maroubra Beach