BANG! TV Report

BANG! TV Report - Throw Down - 2004
(Credit: Dory Funk Jr.)

!BANG! TV Report
Airdates: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights at 2:00am.
Sunday July 18th, !BANG! will be video taped by Bright House Productions of Orlando for re broad cast as Throw Down on Bright House Channel 10 in Orlando. on Wednesday 7:00pm and Sunday at 12:30pm

!BANG! TV opened with action in the ring as Dory Funk Jr. and Flex Cassidy teamed up to go against The Royal Stud Adam Windsor and The Assassin with Missy Hyatt and her dog Milo.

The match started with the Assasin and Flex trading highspots and hitting huge impact moves on each other, Flex ended up getting the advntage with a huge Spinebuster. Funk got tagged in, and hit devastating forearm blows on The Assasin, however Assasin just kept on shrugging them off.

In a hand grip test of strength between Funk and the Powerful Assassin there was no question the Assassin was the stronger of the two. In time with help from distractions from Missy Hyatt and her dog Milo, Windsor took the advantage over Flex Cassidy. As this match passed the twenty minute mark Flex was doing all he could do to save losing the fall. Flex finally made the tag to Funk who gave several forearm blows to Windsor before setting up for a double arm suplex and giving it to The Royal Stud. Flex Cassidy re entered the ring slamming and suplexing everyone in sight. Flex hit Windsor with a hard tackle and continued to the ropes for another when Windsor deliberately sidestepped and threw Flex directly into the referee, The Claw. With the Referee down, The Assassin passed Windsor a chair. Funk charged from his corner and Windsor blasted him. Cassidy charged and was blasted with the chair. With Cassidy down and out, Windsor drew back for the another strike at a helpless Flex Cassidy but Funk's appointed commissioner for the night hit the ring and grabbed the chair from Windsor and hit Windsor with a chair shot to the stomach and then one to the back. Windsor went down and Commissioner for the night, Fast Eddie Mansfield pulled Flex on top and counted Windsor down. The winner of the match, Funk and Cassidy, new Funking Conservatory Tag Team Champions.

From a fan standpoint, this was probably one of the best Tag Team matches that the crowd at the dory funk arena has seen. Flex Cassidy took a lot of stiff punishment in the match, and The Assasin And The Royal Stud worked very well as a tag team. Very hardworked match by all people involved.

The show closed with an action video set to music of Funk, Cassidy, Windsor and The Assassin.

Our next !BANG! TV Taping is Saturday July 18th at the Dory Funk Arena at Skatemania in Ocala, Florida. Doors open at 6:00pm and Show Time is 7:00pm. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Children Tickets are $8. You can purchase discount tickets in advance by going to Dory Funk's Web Site and making advance reservations. Appearing on the show will be Steve Corino, Osamu Nishimura, Fast Eddie Mansfield, Adam Windsor, The Claw, The Assassin, Flex Cassidy, "Funka White Boy" Bo, Missy Hyatt and more.

Sunday July 18th, !BANG! will be video taped by Bright House Productions of Orlando for re broad cast as Throw Down on Bright House Channel 10 in Orlando. on Wednesday 7:00pm and Sunday at 12:30pm. !BANG! is also broadcast by WOGX in Ocala, Florida every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night at 2:00am.

The our new association with Bright House of Orlando, the Funking Conservatory athletes are now on television in the heavily populated Central Florida area a total of 2 1/2 hours a week.

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