Casino News Media - Casinos, Online Casinos, Media Companies, Newspapers, TV Shows All In Battle For Entertainment Dollar, Traffic And Eyeballs

Casino News Media - Casinos, Online Casinos, Media Companies, Newspapers, TV Shows All In Battle For Entertainment Dollar, Traffic And Eyeballs -
11th August 2009

There is an almighty battle going on at the moment for the entertainment dollar, and web traffic.

As the worlds financial markets remain unsteady, and most experts agree (either on the record, and more recently, off the record) that the global recession is ongoing, companies are looking at various ways to keep the wolf from the door.

Media companies and many brands strive for market share, standing out from the pack, revenue and eyeballs (the amount of traffic, website visitors, audience et al) that they can secure across the internet medium.

In recent times some of the world’s most successful media barons have spoken out on ways the newspapers business, and media business in general, can look to adapt to the times and monetize their web traffic. The long time debate about whether or not enough readers will pay for content (news articles etc), and how much, lingers on.

Rupert Murdoch is looking to offer a paid service, as is Fairfax Media aka Fairfax Digital. New York media tsar Mort Zuckerman, recently pointed to the fact that for a number of years various British media companies (newspapers) have been deriving a healthy revenue stream from gaming and igaming, primarily the sports betting sector, and he is suggesting that other media companies may like to adopt the same element into their business models, thus generating sufficient revenue to support their print operations, and of course keep journalists on the payroll.

In the meantime companies such as Casino News Media, and its parent, Mediaman, continue to operate in a number of business verticals, thus spreading risk, following some of the principals employed by the famed Virgin Group of Companies who operate in media, communications, travel, lifestyle and gaming, to name but a few.

Other established igaming and gaming brands such as PartyGaming and Bodog keep growing their business and brand portfolios, despite the global recession, and igaming continues to been seen as one of the more go ahead sectors to operate in, as Wall Street and The London Stock Exchange et al continue to add fun and games into what is known universally known as the casino economy.

For these reasons and more, little wonder many of the world’s governments are looking to plug into the gaming sector to increase their revenues with many insiders tipping governments could be bringing in additional billions providing they regulate gaming and igaming correctly. Many eyes remain on California as of this writing with proposed gaming bills being tabled, as California does has a history of both being pro active and an early adopter of new and sometimes ambitious ideas. About the only government that is currently extremely negative towards gaming is Russia, who last month closed down all casinos and gambling houses in the city limits area of Russia, and there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of online Russian Roulette or other online Russian games happening either. Well, they say the exception proves the rule comrade.

Murdoch, Packer, Branson, Ho, Wynn, Garber, Adelson, Trump... your throw of the dice.


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