Click Frenzy To Go Wild In 2014

Click Frenzy To Go Wild In 2014 - 29th October 2014


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With barely three weeks to go until Click Frenzy 2014, the sale that stops a nation is set to unveil its Go Wild marketing campaign across TV, radio, print and digital.

The launch of Click Frenzy 2014 is imminent, and a new campaign will be hitting the airwaves in the coming weeks. ‘Go Wild’ is the central theme of Click Frenzy’s biggest campaign yet. It is set in the wilds of Africa, with a narrative following a multitude of colorful creatures, including the Buynoceros, the Promopotamus and a mischievous ape.

Launched in 2012, Click Frenzy has become the online shopping event on the Australian retail calendar, kicking off the Christmas shopping season. The third Tuesday in November has become synonymous with online shopping madness, a home-grown counter to the American Cyber Monday, which occurs two weeks later.

Click Frenzy 2014 features the biggest field of retailer brands yet, with over 250 already signed up, and more on board every day. The new Go Wild campaign will feature on TV, radio, print and digital to build up to the official Click Frenzy kick-off at 7pm Tuesday, November 18.

Supporting Save The Children

In 2014, Click Frenzy is delighted to be partnering with and supporting Save the Children. Save the Children helps children and families in 124 countries around the world, and has been running programs in Australia for more than 60 years. With the help of their supporters, Save the Children Australia made a difference to the lives of 12.1 million children and adults through their programs last year.

“Knowing what Save the Children does in Australia and around the globe, we are excited about the opportunity to further build awareness and support for this amazing organisation,” says Grant Arnott, Co-Founder, Click Frenzy. “With Click Frenzy gathering so much interest on a national scale, we hope to use our platform to bring attention to this incredibly important cause.”

Guided by their vision to protect the rights of children and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Save the Children helps children in the following areas:

Improving the health of children and families so children no longer die of preventable illnesses and so more children live past their fifth birthday.

With 57 million primary school-aged children not in school, Save the Children works in Australia and overseas to create greater access to quality education and lift children out of poverty.

Child protection
With one billion children living in countries affected by armed conflict, Save the Children protects the world’s most vulnerable children from abuse, neglect and exploitation. This includes children separated from their families because of war, natural disasters, extreme poverty and exploitation, as well as vulnerable children in Australia.

Children are the most vulnerable when an emergency strikes. They face injury, malnutrition and serious illness. Save the Children provides life-saving supplies and emotional support to children during emergencies and also support communities with the often slow process of rebuilding.

Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

Save the Children knows children can positively contribute to the safety of their communities. That’s why they are working to reduce their vulnerability to natural disasters, and help them understand the impacts of climate change and how their communities can respond.

Click Frenzy starts at 7pm on Tuesday, November 18 – visit for more details.

*Click Frenzy is a partner company of Groundswell Media, publishers of Power Retail.

(Credit: Power Retail)