Corey Delaney going on national tour as party promoter

Corey Delaney going on national tour as party promoter, DJ, by Kara Lawrence - 24th January 2008
(Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

Being a bad boy has paid off for 16-year-old Corey Delaney, who is about to embark on a lucrative national tour as a party promoter and DJ.

The Daily Telegraph online can reveal Corey decked himself out in designer clothes during a visit to Ed Hardy clothing - where he replaced his ever-present yellow sunglasses with a new $400 pair.

The Melbourne teen, who had left school and was a trainee carpenter, is now taking DJ lessons from a top Australian DJ in preparation for his new gig.

His notoriety has grown since he held a massive wild party at his Melbourne home while his parents were away, racking up a $20,000 damage bill.

Promotor Max Markson confirmed an unnamed Sydney dance party organiser had approached him, requesting he lure Corey to promote a national party tour.

"He (Corey) is going to do a national tour of parties. It's better than being a carpenter!" Mr Markson said.

Mr Markson said the tour would be held within the next two months and would encompass Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane before rolling on to Adelaide and Perth.

He said Luna Park had not yet been secured as the site of the Sydney party.

He said Corey was kitted out by Ed Hardy fashions - a brand worn by famous pop and rap stars - yesterday and now had a new $400 pair of glasses to replace his yellow ones, which he has adamantly refused to be photographed or filmed without.

Mr Markson said Corey was making the most of his current popularity with other teenagers and while refusing to say how much Corey would earn, said the fee would was a large amount for a teenager.

"He's aware this 15 minutes of fame may only last 10 minutes," Mr Markson said.


Max Markson