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Read What The World Press Says Of "Northern Safari"
(Credit: Crocodile Safari Man - Northern Safari)

Read what the World press says of "Northern Safari"

"Variety" USA - "Northern Safari" is a fascinating exploration film. Adams has given a highly articulate account of stark reality - An authentic portrayal of the laws of nature, where the viewer learns more about Australia here than he has ever known before.

"Citizens News" Los Angeles - "Northern Safari" has a timeless quality about it - Its adventure with nature in a little known section of a continent that is today much like America's Pacific Southwest was 100 years ago.

"Stuttgarter Zeitung" Germany - No matter how much one dislikes the use of the term unequalled, for "Northern Safari" it is valid indeed.

"Oak Bay Leader" Canada - An arduous trek across Australia - shows nature as it really is, wonderful, amazing, beautiful - It is true reporting and that's what makes this film so fascinating and well worth seeing.

"Evening Argus" England - A simple record of a magnificent adventure. Keith Adams has captured the vastness and the beauty as well as an infinite variety of wildlife - It will hold everyone spellbound.

"London Suburban" - We in Britain, thanks to MR Adams, can sit in safety and see what the primitive world was like through the remarkable film "Northern Safari" - I was shocked an appalled to learn the way fellow film critic's from the national papers ignored an invitation to see the film. To them I say, "You have missed seeing one of the best documentary's of our time".

"The Australian" - A remarkable no punches pulled color film of the country and its wildlife - Take it for granted here's a winner at the Cannes Film Festival - If it isn't I'll eat this page.

"The Sun Herald" Sydney - "Northern Safari" has a unique quality - it holds the attention like a bushman's "true yarn".

"Herald" South Africa - Wonder, horror, pathos evoked by "Northern Safari" - I heartily recommend it as an outstanding example of fact that is stranger than fiction and a great deal more satisfying too.

"Herald" Zimbabwe - "Northern Safari" presents a fascinating picture of some of Australia's extraordinary regions - For anyone interested in travel and nature it is an absolute must.

"Auckland Star" New Zealand - The best full length documentary so far made on Australia - A film replete with carefully researched data and teeming with some of the most unusual sights ever screened - Simply not to be missed.

If you enjoy "Northern Safari" then you'll surely be enthralled with his classic autobiography "Crocodile Safari Man" - Check it out


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